Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sorry for the week off. What can I say? I just plain slacked off. Here we go:

" At last! My arm is complete again!"

Wednesday hint:

"You gandered at her. YES, sir, you gandered!"

Friday clue: (another to follow Saturday am)

"These are my friends. / See how they glisten. / See this one shine, / How he smiles in the light. / My friend, my faithful friend. / Speak to me, friend. / Whisper, I'll listen. / I know, I know- / You've been locked out of sight all these years- / Like me, my friend. / Well, I've come home / To find you waiting. / Home, and we're together, / And we'll do wonders, won't we?"

Give away:

Woman: [placing a small pie on the counter] Here we are. Hot out of the oven.
Man: What is THAT?
Woman: [sings] It's priest. Have a little priest...
Man: [sings] Is it really good?
Woman: [sings] Sir, it's too good, at least. Then again, they don't commit sins of the flesh... so it's pretty fresh.


Dan W said...

Hell if I know what this one is, but from the first two clues, it's one that I think I'd enjoy....

Emily said...

I'd be pretty surprised if you haven't seen this one Dan. But that Wed line is pretty memorable, but perhaps only if you've seen it in certain company.

Sue said...

I think I just got it!!! It came to me out of nowhere. LOVE this one! I'm sending Em an email now.