Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday's With Sue 10/18/09

Star Wars, A New Hope. The first Star Wars, or the fourth one, I don't know, I'm confused. It's the one that came out in like 1977. A movie, and franchise, I never paid that much attention too, until I lived with Cam. He loves these movies and watches them often. I finally sat down and watched them, and they are good movies! I'm sorry I didn't do a Friday quote. My friend, Doug, was here for the weekend, and I didn't sit at my computer once.

Anyway, Dan was the first one to get it right! Dad got it next, and that was it! I really thought more of you would have gotten it, or at least Matt. I thought the word "kid" in the second quote would have given it away. Oh well. Way to go Dan! We are in for some Dan tunes this week!

Here is this week's movie quote:

(in a trance) "nearly too late......hardly ever happens."


Neaners said...

Way to go Bro! I did have an idea it was Star Wars but I did not know which one so I didn't guess. I have never seen "New Hope". This new one I have no clue. You are challenging Sue. Have a great week everyone!

Emily said...

I never would have gotten this in a million years or in a galaxy far far away. Perhaps in the second quote the word "blaster" could have been a clue, but alas, I just don't think I would have thought of this movie.

I know I would have gotten it if one of your quotes was "may the force be with you".
Good job Dan!

Dan W said...

Thanks! I'll take it! I'm surprised I won as it was almost a full day after Sue posted the second clue that I checked the blog. I knew it immediately and wrote her but I was sure I would be a runner-up at best. Shocked to win (George, I guess it is a help to be old sometimes, eh?) but have sent Em some song ideas anyway. And somehow there's no RH on my list. Imagine that!? (But I also didn't put any U2 or Coldplay there, so does that make it fair? Actually I decided to focus on groups I have enjoyed in concert so have selected songs from those artists.)

Emily said...

Totally fair, Dan, this is your playlist and the songs you put on there should make you happy. If Radiohead doesn't make you happy, well to each his own. :)
Incidentally, there are songs on your playlist I enjoy a lot (I LOVE Elton John, and really like this particular one -if I remember correctly he is singing to John Lennon?
(Someone Saved My Life Tonight is my very favorite though).
I was very bummed to find out that James Taylor is another artist that is unavailable at I love Something in the way she moves lots and have been singing it in my head all morning.
Funny little story--- When I typed in Something in the way she moves one song popped up and it was a cover done by Radiohead! I listened to it and it was definitely not Thom Yorke singing and it was a cover of the Beatles song "Something".
Sidenote: if it had actually been radiohead (and the song you had requested), I would have added it as a joke to get a rise out of you. Alas, it didn't pan out. Sigh.

Emily said...

Everyone has GOT to check out Happy Easter on Awkward family photos!! The one under it is hilarious too.
One more thing about your playlist Dan, The Dixie Chicks is certainly not one of the songs I was talking about enjoying, although to it's credit, the song you chose is not quite up to their usual ability to make me run away screaming in pain.

Dan W said...

Not that I hate RH at all, just keeping up our banter about Coldplay and Bono (and others that I think you Wright sisters rip a bit too strongly--I say this with affection, of course!)...

To me this Dixie Chicks song is the coolest lullaby ever. I like some of their other music (especially Truth No. 2 that I gave you as an alternate) but not much from their latest album that won all the grammys a couple of years ago.

I love the Beatles' Something, too--in fact one of my favorites of all of theirs--and think it's strange that the James Taylor song has that same exact lyric, but definitely a cool song. Would have been pretty funny if it really had been a RH cover of it. I would have loved you posting it!

Yes on Empty Garden being about John Lennon.

Emily said...

Just out of curiosity-- Is anyone else having facebook problems?

Pops said...

Star Wars....We saw it at the big cinnima theater in Mission valley with the Morrills when it came out. I have only seen the first three Star Wars movies. I am not really a fan. But the word "blaster" and kid did it for me. Blaster is one of my favorite words ever. Then looking back to the first quote it sounded like good ol' Darth Vader talking to the kid so I guessed the movie. Waytogo Dan, and good play list..

Dan W said...

Wednesday hint, Wednesday hint!

And Em, George and I want our props on the Allstar board for getting last week's movie right (and you don't want people to think this week's is YOUR playlist).

Emily said...

Wow I totally blew off changing the lineup. Sorry! That was a monumental win for you too Dan, it placed you in front of Matt.
Matt-- step it up!
And I need a Wed hint too Sue.

Cat said...

Here's this weeks Wednesday hint: (Sue's having modem probs)

Overlapping circles! What does it mean?

Dan W said...

Friday hint! Friday hint!

This Wed one is NOT ringing any bells for me...

Good luck with you computer, Sue!

Dan W said...

Another week of awesome Dan tunes, eh? (Or are we ever going to get another clue and settle this past week's contest?)

Hope your computer comes back to life again soon, Sue!

Sue said...

Computer is fixed and I am back! I'm just going to let this one ride until this Sunday. Here is your next quote:

I had such a cold, funny feeling out by the woods... like someone was watching me.