Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sorry I'm so late getting these pictures posted from our Lagoon trip. It was a great day. We are a very adventurous group! Enjoy.

Annie and Matt getting ready to get sling-shotted.

Rattlesnake Rapids!

This is what I mean by being an adventurous group!

Scout in the elephant with pink toenails with blue polka-dots, very important!

The babies!

The whole lot of us!
Thanks, Sue, for the discount tickets. We had so much fun.


Haley said...

Thanks for posting! That was so much fun!

Matt said...

Haha! Fun day for sure. Check out Emily's hand in the bungee swing picture! Haha! "Yeah, but, what is that other hand doin'?" -Scott Phister

Emily said...

It's more like -what the fetch are both hands doing?

I was doing my best not to succumb to utter and complete terror. My hands where the least of my worries.

The babies are so cute!

Dan W said...

I can't quite see what's weird about Em's hands. Can I be clued in?

Amy said...

Scott always notices "what the other hand" is doing when you're concentrating on other things, even brushing your teeth. Just a Scott weirdness. Her hands or at least the one, is just a little tense. but, I did notice how surprisingly tranquil her face looked.

Pops said...

In the last group picture, Matt looks like he is trying to catch flys with his mouth. Very cute!

Neaners said...

I couldn't tell Em's hand either.I flew like that at our Great America here. Looks like a very fun time. I hope I can go sometime when I get back to Utah. Hey are you coming to Magic Mountain in Sept for sure? I would love to join ya.