Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bippin Flintstones

GEEEEEEEEZ Sorry I'm late guys. Have been without internet for a bit. My bad. My bad.

Yeah. So I don't really have too much to say about this movie. I remember watching it a lot when I was a kid and thinking Halle Berry was really good lookin. The only reason I thought of this movie was because of my little Canadian rant on my last post and I thought about The McKenzie Brothers (Dan turned me onto them when I was in high school and I love think they're hilarious) so that made me think of Rick Moranis and The Flintstones was the first one of his movies I thought of. Pretty random, right?

So it was pretty much crickets all week except for some incorrect guesses from Haley and B who thought it might have been Tommy Boy or Men in Black, respectively. I knew this was going to be a tough one so I wasn't suprised to not receive a correct answer until the Friday giveaway.

The Wright guesses came pouring in after that...

First was Haley, who beat George by just 40 minutes. Then it was Dan, Cat, and Em.

So that's that. I'm gonna miss this playlist. Definitely one of my faves.

Take it away Haley.


Dan W said...

Yay for knowing you're alive! Call your old man soon.

I will miss the "Awake My Soul" song on this list. I have to grab that one from iTunes. The rest . . . eh.

Congrats Haley!

Dan W said...

And, yeah, on Halle Berry in this one. And Rick Moranis is a great talent. Interestingly, as with Tom Hulce who starred in Amadeus that George did as one of his WTB movies, Rick has just decided he doesn't miss acting and performing and is simply enjoying family and life as a regular person. More power to both of them, though I do miss not having more performance to enjoy--at least for now ...

Haley said...


Pops said...

Shoot, drat! missed it by less than an hour. I never saw this movie, but if it has Hallie Berry in it I might give it a look. I only got a guess in because Spoon used Barney and Fred in the last quote. Waytogo Haley!