Thursday, March 24, 2011

Matt died.

Like I'd announce that on the blog. But there is a story to tell. Sorry it's so long.

Yesterday was an awful day. I won't bore you with all the awful details, but Matt dropped me off at work at 1 so that I could work for a couple of hours, and he could pick up some stuff to deliver for them to Farson. He left at about 1:30 to be there by 3:30. South Pass had been closed the day before, and even though it'd been warm, he was still warned to be careful. At 4:30 I got a phone call from my boss saying "Matt hasn't been to Farson yet. My guys have been waiting for him for over an hour. Have you heard anything?" My stomach just knotted up and I felt like I was going to throw up. I instantly thought the worst because-
·      I knew that Matt had his phone
·      Matt hadn’t met the guys he was supposed to meet in Farson
·      Matt picks up hitchhikers
·      Matt would call if he had any problems that would delay him
·      There are brief spots on South Pass with cell phone service
·      It just seemed like Murphy’s law
·      Conditions on South Pass were questionable
·      I’d just read in the paper about a local kidnapping at gunpoint. 
      So I started picturing Matt pinned beneath our car, and things along those lines. I was with a friend who called her husband and asked what he thought we should do. He said we should wait an hour because Matt might have gotten a flat or something, and if 2 hours had gone by and there was still no word, then we should head after him. We agreed to do this, but my boss decided he would head out looking for him right then, and had called the highway patrol department to see if there were any accidents, and to keep an eye out for a white Nissan. So I headed out with Cory to go look for Matt, and continued trying to call Matt to see if there was any response, and worrying. I should say that I knew deep down nothing had happened, but I hadn't been very rational that day, and this wasn't helping my rationality. So Cory and I said about 5 words on the drive up there, got to the entrance of South Pass (like the gates where they'd close it) at about 6, meaning it'd been about an hour and a half since I started picturing him dead, and guess who drives by! I was SO RELIEVED to say the least!! We tailed him back to Riverton, but he never noticed. When he got home he noticed he had a few missed calls from me, so he called me back (we were a couple minutes behind him) and I freaked out on him. He was completely oblivious that anything had happened, he'd had no idea he was supposed to meet anyone (Cory forgot to mention that little detail), so he'd showed up, dropped off the stuff where he normally did, got an energy drink, napped for about 20 minutes, and came home. He'd had the music up loud and his phone down low, so he hadn't heard my 30 phone calls. Bip. So Cory is going to work on his communication skills, Matt is going to make sure to ask questions, and I am going to remember that no matter how bad my day is, at least my husband isn't dead. 


Sue said...

Holy freakin bip B! I seriously almost threw up when I saw the name of your post! Then I had to be rational and realize there is no way something like that would be announced on the blog. Thanks for giving me a bippin heart attack.

That sucks that happened. The year that Cam worked in St. George, he learned to always call me when he made it. He usually left at like 2:00 am on Sunday nights so he could be there by 7:00am Monday morning. I always worried about him falling asleep and things like that. Funny what our minds can do in these situations.

PS- I'm still shaking a little from reading the title of this post!

Emily said...

I had a bit of a start myself when I read that.
I hate little worries like that. When something has been so long there is no way something didn't happen. Waiting to find out what something and how bad is scary. Cat and I were in Wyoming visiting a LONG LONG time ago and mom came separately a few days later and she never arrived. It had been like 11 hours since she had left and no one had heard from her (this was before cell phones). I remember sitting and waiting at Phisters for some sort of phone call. She eventually showed up, her car had died somewhere in the middle of nowhere and she sat in it for hours until two ladies drove by (after dark), happened to stop (they were hesitant, not knowing who was in there), and when finding a harmless lady, drove her somewhere she could contact us.

Glad Matt didn't die.

Emily said...

And Sue- you found out grandpa had died on facebook. Anything is possible.

B said...

Oh geez Sue, I'm so sorry!! Know that I would NEVER announce something like that this way!! I was planning to call all of you as soon as we reached Farson, and let you know the situation.

Haley said...

Man that's so scary! Silly little oblivious Matt. :) You all know that I'm such a worrier and this is totally something I can relate to. Sorry you had such a scare B.

Dan W said...

Wow! With the title, I knew it couldn't be factual about Matt Wright, so I figured it was some kind of goldfish or animal or a friend. THEN when reading the actual post I started freaking out a bit, thinking maybe it was true and B was some sort of robot processing stuff this way because she was too numb from grief. SO happy to get to the final paragraph.

Cat said...

Well, I'm glad Matt didn't die. My first consciousness of this post was the e-mail I got when Sue commented, then I read the post. That is the worst, B. I'm so sorry that happened. Matt ceasing to exist is just unthinkable. Later, as I was driving home, I teared up about it actually.

Matt said...

Awww, you guys are too cute. Thanks for your concern and stuff. It's weird getting back from a quick little trip and finding out everyone's world has turned upside down. I felt responsible and guilty. (especially since when I called her to say hi and let her know I made it, I was chewed out and was told the police are looking for me)
Can I just explain though, that little "oblivious" Matt Wright was doing EXACTLY what I have done 3 or 4 times in the past! Cory Fabrizious is one of the worst communicators ever! He expects you to read his mind, and thinks everything is obvious, and it is like pulling teeth to try and get some instructions out of him. AND when I do, I feel like he thinks I'm stupid or something. He never said a thing about where to go, about meeting anyone or anything. I DID go out on a limb ask him a few questions, but I guess they weren't the right ones. When I called B, and she was showing her relief in a strange way (yelling at me) I felt like I was being attacked by her and Cory, so I just yelled back, "You know what?! You can tell Cory that he is very Vague!?" Oooo... take that Cory. haha

The story from B after that was he looked at his sent texts for a while and said "oh, I guess I didn't tell him he was supposed to meet someone."

Haley said...

Yeah it's not your fault Matt, he should have told you that you were supposed to meet someone. So funny that you had no idea all that was going on and you are just going on your merry way. Haha!

Pops said...

I am glad Matt is back from his working weekend snowmobiling trip and is safe and happy. Good work, Matt, getting paid to go sledding.