Saturday, March 12, 2011

WTB = Fievel Goes West!

Hey guys. sorry I'm kind of in a hurry. I'm in the middle of a live PBS pledge drive so I'll make it short and sweet.

First off, let em say that I love this movie. Probably my favorite animated flick ever, The Fox and the Hound being a close second. I watched this movie a million times when I was little and can't help but think it contributed to my wanting to be a cowboy of some sort when I grew up.

So Dan was the first to guess. He wrote to me on Thursday. He said that Lorri thought it was "An American Tail" but he had his doubts. Now, I dont think I should give it to him because the official title of the movie is "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West" It is the sequel to the movie titled "An American Tail" So, technically, it was an incorrect guess.

Late Thursady night, however, I did recieve a Wright guess from...............B!!!!
Yay! I was really hopin she would get this one, and was happy when she correctly identified the movie as "Fievel Goes West". 20 minutes later Haley sent in her correct guess, followed by Amy, who, like Dan, just had "An American Tail" then Cat took a stab at it with "Rock-A-Doodle" Then on Friday Amy changed her guess to "All Dogs To Heaven" Emily also thought the same thing with her guess this morning.

Tricky one! Was nervous I had gone a little too obscure this time.

YAY Beatrice!

Get-er-dun hun.

Happy anniversary Dan and Lorri! 25 years is a long time. Good job guys! Love, love.


Amy said...

I didn't even think about Fievel Goes West. I was thinking of the original which I am more familiar with. Good job B! Congratulations Dan and Lorri!! Love you guys.

Dan W said...

I can handle the loss. I can't remember ever seeing either of the two American Tail flicks, but Lorri had an inkling it was Fievel. She would have picked the playlist, though, I we'd won. Your loss, ya' all! A bunch of Seal, Train, Sammy Johns, Rascal Flatts, and similarly non-confrontational.

Thanks on the anniversary congrats! I worked all day and Lorri and Hope went prom dress shopping--which was a success. A couple of excited chicks, so I guess that's a gift to me as it makes life a bit easier around the house.

Emily said...

Well, I'm glad I had some company with All Dogs Go to Heaven (less embarrassing). While I saw the original American Tail over a million times, I never did see it's sequel. Good job B!

Now I will always picture "Alex the cowboy" as "Alex the cowboy Fievel". Thanks mightily for that.

ps "non-confrontational" HAHAHAHA! That was awesome.

Haley said...

Agh 20 minutes! I'm sick of this second place business. Boo. Good job to B though.

B said...

Sweet!! I've only seen the first one a couple of times, but I watched Feivel goes West a ton growing up. My favorite scenes were the ones with Tiger turning into a "dog" and where the sister mouse sings in the saloon.

Bip, now I have to come up with a playlist and a new movie! I thought I was way too late to win, so I hadn't even thought about it!!

B said...

BTW Spoon, I know we've talked about this movie together and what a big part of our childhood's it was. Thanks for thinking of it!

Uh oh, did I really just move in front of Matt in the Allstars score?! That can only mean that the world is ending soon. Sorry guys. But at least you have the raddest playlist ever to die to.

Dan W said...

Speaking of standings, I'm not sure I updated last week when Alex won. Spoon, I think you're tied with me now. Is that what you're thinking, too?

Alex said...

Dang. I wrote a clever comment right here earlier today and apparently it did not stick, and I'll be damned if I'm going to try to recreate it.

Anyway... yeah, Dan, I was wondering about that, but I wasn't sure so I didn't want to say anything. But if that is indeed the case, you better watch your back, old man.

I do remember talkiin bout it with you, B. Fun stuff. Glad I thought of it, too.

Also, I had a feeling you guys would like "Sail". As I told Matt- it's climbing the charts rather rapidly, so enjoy it before it dies a slow and painful Top 40 radio death.

Dan W said...

Fixed the standings. Wish I knew the new movie already. Hate being tied with a punk who threatens his old man!

Matt said...

As much as you would like to think so Spoon Jr, I don't think my love for the song Sail will end with it becoming trendy. That would be pretty lame of me I think. Music is not a popularity contest for me in any way.