Monday, March 7, 2011

Name the Bippin Movie

Yeehaw. Go me!

That first quote instantly made me think of the scene where the string quartet knows they're gonna drown, so I thought I'd take a guess. I wasn't super confident in my guess until the second quote, then I knew I had 'er.

Titanic is one of those movies that, love it, hate it, or whatever it, everyone has seen it and can quote ya a line or two from it.

I remember the first time I saw this movie. It was with Dan at the Redwood Drive-in. We used to go there all the time. Hope was still little and Lorri isn't much for stayin up late, so a lot of times it was just us boys. I remember before we left, Lorri asked what movies were playin and when he told her one of them was Titanic, she got this really irritated look on her face and made reference to the nude scene. Dan kinda rolled his eyes and said somethin along the lines of "I'll make sure he covers his eyes" So, as I sat there munching on some of my father's famous homemade caramel corn, I remember him turning to me and saying "don't look!" or "cover your eyes!"(or something to that effect). But I, of course being a 10 or 11 year old boy, simply could not resist. And it was there, at the Redwood Drive-in Theatre, my perverted little eyes first feasted upon the female anatomy in all its glory.

Wow. Can't believe I just told that story on this here blog.

(embarrased chuckle)

Moving on....

Here is your first quote:

Person 1 "Look Mama, a singer... and an actor."

Person 2: "______, stop that! You shouldn't stare at people less fortunate than yourself."

No guesses yet. C'mon folks. You can do it!

Wednesday Clue:

"I see you're missing an eye, pilgrim."
[Pulls hat over one eye]
"Now that makes it a fair fight. That's right, I'm talkin' to you, furhead!"

Okay guys- it's Thursday and I'm thinkin you all might need a little help. I don't want to stump ya.

Hint: Dom Deluise is a voice actor in this 1991 movie.

Bonus quote cause you guys are making me nervous:

Person 1: Poppa, they're throwing vegetables at me AGAIN.
Person 2: Keep singing and they might throw some fruit for dessert

Friday giveaway:

"Give 'em the laaaaaaazy eye!"

Just for fun:

Wylie Burp: "Let this sleepin' dog lie, son. Dog-gone it, I'm dog tired. I'm tired of leading the dog's life and fightin' likes cats and dogs against cats and dogs, a young pup's doggin' my trail tryin' to become top dog. I'm going to the dogs in a dog eat dog world, son. I... I'm so far over the hill... I'm on the bottom of the other side."



Emily said...

HAHA Alex! I forgot what a HUGE GIANT deal that nude scene was. I was living in Provo at the time. It was an absolute circus around there about it.

Dan W said...

Alex never gets to win or post again!

Pops said...

hahaha! My w.v. is CONES

Matt said...

HAHAHAHA! I love that you posted JUST to tell us show us your awesomely relevant W.V.

Alex said...

Oh snap George. You are the master.

Oh hush Dan. You don't even wanna know the kind of blackmail I am capable of. I think I probably could roast your butt worse than anybody on this blog.

I would comment on the BIG HUGE hairy ordeal that the censorship/nudity/profanity thing, but you can probably imagine my stance on it. Besides, it looks like ya'll are doin great without me. Great insights. I'm so glad to be surrounded by so many intelligent people. You guys rock.

Matt said...

Sail is kinda cool Spoon. Different and interesting and makes me sway my knives in my swivel chair.

Dan W said...

A is for Awesome;
L is for Likable
E is for Every father's dream child
X is for Xcellent restraint in deciding not to say too much!

Haley said...

Haha Matt that made me laugh! Thanks for cheering me up from my grumpy mood this morning.

Matt said...


Matt said...

Ok, the song "Sail" is more than just a different tune that I kinda dig. The lyrics also REALLY hit home. Man, almost every line except the suicidal thoughts. And you could change the ADD to Bipolar. :) Sweet song.

The rest of the list can pretty much jump off a cliff for all I care. I can't believe I used to like Less Than Jake. Saw them 5 times or more. They used to be way more ska though and their shows were a blast.

Is that Tim Armstrong in Boxcar Racer pretending to be drunk again and singing with the Blink182 guy? Holy crap that is one of the worst things I've ever heard... BTW, listen to "You've Got So Far To Go" by Alkaline Trio. It's the exact same bass line, chord progression, and drum beat. With three times the awesomeness.

-Music Snob

Matt said...

I'm sorry Spoon, but it honestly makes me pretty sad and even kinda mad that Tim Armstrong, one of the leaders of Operation Ivy, who basically started the whole ska/punk movement in my opinion, and went on to be in one of the greatest, (and one of the very few left) punk bands of the 80's-90's -Rancid- That very guy is making music with the guy who could also be blamed for completely destroying punk rock and turning it into the sad, pathetic, weak sauce, music they call punk that we hear today.
I just don't know what you are thinking Tim. Needed some money I guess. Or your brain is fried.

Alex said...

Or maybe they're just a couple of muscicians who respect each other's work and decided to collaborate on a song together. Maybe they're friends. Maybe their kids go to school together. Or there could be that very very slim chance that Tim Armstrong doesn't share the exact same musical tastes as Matt Wright.

Just sayin.

Sue said...

These comments are making me laugh. Sometimes an artist we respect does something that totally disappoints us and makes us wonder what they were thinking. For example, Steven Spielberg directed the last Indiana Jones movie, I don't know if I can ever watch another movie of his again.

Wait, he is doing that Lincoln movie with Daniel Day Lewis, so I have to see that. But it's because of Lincoln and Daniel Day Lewis, not Spielberg.

Marcus said...


Haley said...

oops that was me.

Dan W said...

Feeling like you got Fievel first, eh? I'm sure you beat us Spoons...