Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dan!!

Happy Birthday Dan! And it's one of those big birthdays, Dan is 50! Sorry to remind you of that Dan. Thanks to everyone who helped me put together the list of things Dan likes. And a shout out to Alex and Hope for their contributions. It's been fun having you contribute to the family blog Dan. And I'm sure Emily and Matt are especially happy since you win Sundays With Sue often.

Here is a list of things Dan likes:

Dan loves golf, even though he's not very good at it, according to Alex.

He loves the Utah Jazz, and has had season tickets for a few years.

He likes Coldplay!

One of his favorite TV shows is Big Love. I love that show too.

He used to drink Diet Pepsi, but now he drinks........

Diet Sprite!

Dan loves Dolphins! We didn't know that, and it made most of us laugh when Alex mentioned it.

One of his favorite authors is Orson Scott Card.

He loves Round Table Pizza. Oh excuse me, RTP.

He loves to play Tripoly!

According to Alex, Dan is the biggest Meatloaf fan. I did some research, and found out that Dan is the only Meatloaf fan.

One of his favorite movies is Phenomenon.

And of course, I had to include Jbox Tacs. I didn't want to, because when I was 12 Jbox Tacs almost killed me from food poisoning, the night Michael Jackson's hair caught fire doing the Pepsi commercial.

Dan also loves telling stories about him and Scott on their mission.

Look how young and nerdy they are!

Hope you have a good birthday Dan! I think I can speak for all of us when I say, thank you for introducing Scott to Amy. I can't imagine our family without Scott in it, and we have you to thank for that.

Love you!! Kisses!!!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Dan!! Glad to have you on the blog (even if it did introduce some more competition) you just wait until I have my baby and am back to full brain power. Just hope I can survive on top until then.

ps those pics are SO FUNNY. You look just a tad mentally challenged in the first one.

Haley said...

Happy Birthday Dan! Hope your day is great! Chipless in Tooele!!! I will never forget that game of Trips, that was so funny. I love those mission pictures, my dad looks like he is 13.

Cat said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! Those old pictures are great!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!! I have plenty more funny pictures ( I sent several to Sue). Don't you love the tanning goggles! There's one of Scott just like it. We love you Dan! Happy 50th!

Neaners said...

Happy Birthday again big BRO. I love you lots!! I am so happy to be your lil sis. Here is to another 50 years!

Dan W said...

Thanks, all! What a fun surprise to be included in this TKWAW blog tradition! Now if you'd just listened to Alex a bit less! Ha Ha!

All of this is pretty accurate, but I have to say that the Coldplay one made me laugh a bit as I'm really not that huge a fan but just someone who was shocked to see all the loathing of the band here among a couple of you and had to call you on your hatin'. And in no way am I the only Meat Loaf fan! Bat Out of Hell is in the top five selling albums of all time. And no one puts more intensity and guts (and he has a big one) into their performances than Brother Loaf!

Fun, too, about the Diet Pepsi, though it's Sprite Zero I drink now (gave up caffeine about four months ago--was way too addicted--and now only occasionally have DPs when eating out). The picture of the JBox Tacs was awesome. Thanks for pushing past your bad memories, Sue, to post about it! And cool that the picture had a Sourdough Jack in it, too. That's my other favorite JBox menu item.

I also love seeing the mission pix. One of these days I promise to post some more of Scotty and me. And you're all very welcome for my energetic matchmaking. Don't know if all the partying years were predetermined to keep me off my mission until the time was right to play that part (and really, to get to live with and grow closer to all you guys than I would have any other way), I'm just glad it all worked out so well. I love you all and am feeling perfectly celebrated today. So happy to be part of this blog!

Pops said...

Happy birthday, Dan. We are all happy to have you part of this crazy blog. I raised my standard of intellect from 0 to 1 after you came aboard. I keep trying to improve, but fail on a regular basis. I am glad the eternal measure is that you keep getting up and trying. Do the best with what you got. You got a lot and that is your challange. Love, Uncle G.

Sue said...

It's been a few days since I've been on the blog. Glad you like the posting Dan. I mostly added the Coldplay for laughs.