Saturday, July 4, 2009

Laughs for the Week

Anybody keeping up with the blog? I was just killing time this AM at the airport and gave it a look. They are posting awkward family letters and memos now with the pictures. Some pretty good pic there, but what got to me was the controling mother/grandmother and the food assignments to the family for thanksgiving. Scroll down until you get to it and read it. Amazing!! Another one futher down about the girl friend telliing her boyfriend about her grandmothers toilet also cracked me up, but it's a bit gross. Hope you all had a good 4th of July. We did! Love


Sue said...

I kind of forgot about this website, thanks for reminding me dad! The Thanksgiving food assignments is hilarious!

Dan W said...

Agree it was great to revisit that site! Way funny pix. The caption on the girl with the watermelon and the gun was awesome. Loved the boys in the doorway with the one having a glass of wine. And wow, I want to stay away from that woman and her Thanksgivings! And you're right, George, about the mom's letter to the son about the low-volume toilet. TMI (but hilarious)!