Friday, July 24, 2009

A pleasing new New Moon fact

It was announced today that Thom Yorke will be writing a new song for the New Moon soundtrack........... Radiohead fans everywhere are in an uproar.
The entire music community has been writing songs trying to get on this soundtrack because of the fan base of Twilight and what it did for the bands that were put on the first soundtrack (ie the Jonas Brothers -gag-, and some past American Idol winner I forget which, etc.) and competition is fierce. I have no idea why Thom has become interested enough to write a new song for it, as he is notorious for not giving a crap about popular things or opinions, all I know is the director Chris Weitz is going to
listen to the new song today and I quote, "unless it's sounds of him belching, I think I'll put it in." Good choice Mr. Weitz.
So, while the Radiohead community laments, there is a little old fan in Cedar Hills that is quite excited and can't WAIT to hear the song. Come on people, lighten up! It's a fun and interesting story-- stop taking yourselves so seriously!
And uh, need I say--- New Thom Yorke song to enjoy???

My source is from green plastic


Haley said...

That's cool for you Em, I'm sure you are really excited! Can't wait to hear it AND CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!!

B said...

Hahaha!! "Unless it's sounds of him belching, I think I'll put it in." Most awesome quote ever.

Emily said...

It is pretty cool, if I were to guess, I would peg him as being positively allergic to Twilight. This is just quite the surprise. Loved the belching quote too. Funny.

Pops said...

Man, the New Moon looks to be huge. All the web sights have news, comments, photos and stories about it. Some model named Noots or something is going to be a Voloie (sp) vamp. A new Thom Yorke music piece will be good. I hope they don't hype it out of my interest.