Friday, July 24, 2009

Sue and Booker's Lagoon Day

I've been promising Booker a Lagoon day for the last couple of years, and finally made good on that promise on Tuesday. Booker has gone to Lagoon with a friend of his, and didn't have a very good time. His friend is kind of a wuss, and was afraid to ride any of the big rides. When I heard that, I promised myself I would take Boo to Lagoon and ride any big ride he wanted to. So, I happened to have Tuesday off this week, so I figured that would be a good day to take Boo to Lagoon. I invited Cam's sister's, Kristin and Randee, and Randee's two boys, Marshall and Ashton. They accepted, and we had the best day at Lagoon you could possibly have.

I don't know if it is because we went on a Tuesday, or if it 's the economy or what. But, we had the best day at Lagoon you could possibly have. It was like they closed the gates after a couple hundred of us got in. The park was mostly empty. We would literally get off a ride, and if we liked that ride enough, we just ran up to the entrance and got on the next ride. The longest we stood in line was maybe 10 minutes. Most of the day we were able to get off the ride and turn around and get right back on. Every time we rode the Colossus, the train was actually just sitting there empty waiting for people to get on!

Here are some pictures of the day:
All of us in front of Wicked.

Booker bored on a kiddy ride. The boys rode some kiddy rides while me and Kristin and Randee took a lunch break.

Booker on the Flying Aces.

All of us but Kristin on Rattle Snake Rapids. Kristin is on a bridge taking pictures of us.

A few seconds later we got totally soaked by the waterfall. I got soaked the most.

Everyone laughing at me at how soaked I got.

Booker on Wicked, just before the ride takes off.

Not a picture of us on Wicked, but an online picture I found of the ride. It is the best ride ever, and we climbed that hill just seconds after the above picture of Booker was taken.

Booker and my nephew Ashton on the White Roller Coaster. They insisted on staying in line until they were the first car.

Booker on the Bumper Cars.

Me and Booker on the Tidal Wave.

Me and Boo with our arms up on the Tidal Wave.

Great pic of just Boo with his arms up on the Tidal Wave.

Best picture ever. Me laughing at Boo, and just check out what Boo is doing.

Finally, a pic of me riding The Wild Mouse with the boys. We rode this ride more than any other.


Haley said...

I HATE THE WILD MOUSE!!! I refuse to ride it, it scares me more than any other ride! That looks like so much fun, what a fun thing to do with Booker. Looks like you guys had a blast. I love Rattlesnake Rapids, especially when it is hot outside. That wicked ride looks fun, that is a new one.

Emily said...

The Wild Mouse IS creepy Haley, I can see how it is the scariest one for you. Looks like you guys had a great day. How fun. The middle pic of Boo holding his arms up made me laugh the hardest. He looks so earnest in his endeavor.

Pops said...

I have always loved the Wild Mouse. Love the way it turns and you think you are off the rails and are going to fall. Good pictures and I'm glad you got soaked, Sue. hehehe

Matt said...

Wicked looks so rad. I wanna go...

P.S. I watched Man On Wire 2 nights ago. Loved it. Loved Phillip Petite's passion, and he was just all around my kinda guy. I kinda consider him a hero now. In the interview with him on the DVD special features, he says that he paid for nearly everything with the money he got passing his hat while street performing. People would just empty their wallets and purses after seeing him perform.
Also, I watched Grand Torino TWICE in one day. Once at like 2:30 in the morning. I kept waking up B because I was laughing so hard through nearly the whole thing. Amazing story. One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Rob-Emily, I too thought the acting from "Toad" and his sister were AWFUL at times. The times: When the sister is defending herself against the black guys in the street. But the worst has to be when Toad gets locked up in the basement. Oh man that was horrible. But yeah, the movie was incredible, I have been thinking about it everyday since I saw it. Clint Eastwood is the man.

Emily said...

YES those were two standouts for us too. Toad banging on that basement door was laughable. Both had glimmers of believability, but many just bad bad moments.

Matt said...

Haha. I just noticed my "P.S." is like 10 times bigger than my comment!

Cat said...

Thanks again, Sue for taking Booker to Lagoon. He couldn't have had a better time. He's still talking about it, and he loves spending time with you.

Neaners said...

Great pics Sue. What a great time. I haven't been to Lagoon since I was in high school and it probably was so small in comparison to now. Have to go sometime. You are a great Aunt to take him. Have a good one!

Sue said...

Booker and I had the best time. I'm so glad he is still talking about it. He left his baseball cap at my house, Cat. I'll get it to you. Matt, Wicked is the funnest ride! Holy Crap! It's one of those roller coasters that just launches you into crazy high speeds. You don't slowly climb that hill, you just zip up it. It's awesome!

Amy said...

Man Sue, you did get soaked on the Rattlesnake Rapids. That happened to me once. I love that ride, though. Glad you had so much fun. Oh, and the Wild Mouse is the worst! I've never been so afraid on a ride in my life.