Saturday, August 21, 2010


I hesitated to use this movie /book for fear of giving Emily an advantage. I didn't want to lose my lead on top of the winners board and Ems doesn't need an advantage unless she is dealing with the pregnant brain syndrome. I decided to do it anyway because the movie/book/story is just too good not to use sometime. Greg Peck is so good as Atticus Finch. It was Robert Duvall's first real role in a movie. (by the way, did you know that Robert Duvall, Marlon Brando, and Gene Hackman we all room mates at actors school and have been best friend ever since?)

Well! Couldn't beat Emily. She got it on the first quote. Not because she knew the quote. It just sounded like Atticus and she knows Atticus. Props to Ems. Most of you knew it by the second quotes. First, Emily, then Haley, Alex, Dan, Cat and Sue. I didn't hear from Matt and B. Must be too old school for them.

I will miss my playlist of music. I love those songs. Be kind, Ems.

Mom and mine annaversery this Wensday. I have got a small supprise for her planned. One of the few that I know she will love. Have a good week, peeps.


Neaners said...

Yes it sounded familiar to me but I read it back in high school but never saw the movie. Guess I should. There are a lot of the great works I haven't read. Anyway, of course Em would know it:) Have a wonderful anniversary Uncle George. You guys are getting close to 50 aren't you? Love you guys!

Emily said...

Easy Peasy (as Lola would say).

Matt said...

I only knew it from the giveaway Friday clue. B did too. I guess we were just too lazy to send you our guess. I watched this in a high school english class and fell asleep during it. Sorry Em.

Emily said...

The movie was very well done (save "Dill"- don't even get me started-), but I have never sat and watched the whole thing- I prefer to read it. So you don't need to apologize to me Matt. Although you really SHOULD read it. You would really like it, I guarantee it.

B said...

Also, Pops, you left the page full of quotes sitting next to the computer on wednesday, and I saw it, so I didn't bother making a guess. I read the book and watched this in freshman english, but I will have to check it out again.

camandsue2004 said...

I love this book and the movie so much. I even kind of like Dill in the movie, we need to talk Em. Cam and I were just dating when Greg Peck died. I remember working in the garden and telling Cam that Atticus died. He didn't know what I was talking about, but he did some homework, and the next day he came home with the DVD. We have watched it a few times since, it is one of our favorite movies.

I love the book. I love the movie. I love Atticus Finch. I love that my adorable little niece Scout, has her name because of this book. I love that Harper Lee and Truman Capote were friends.

camandsue2004 said...

Oh yeah, I meant to say Em. I'm quite positive that the latest Massacre Theatre on Filmspotting is To Kill A Mockingbird. I'm sure you knew that, but just in case.

Emily said...

He is not at all as Lee described.

I just listened to that Filmspotting tonight and I knew it the second he uttered the first line! Then I was like- wait, I'm just tripping cause of Wtb. But, no it was undeniably TKAM. The book club in my ward read TKAM this month and just had the meeting this week. WEIRD! It IS the 50th anniversary of the book this year-- perhaps this month? I've lived here for 2 years and I didn't even know we had a book club! (Until random people kept coming up to me in church and making some remark about reading the book and thinking of my little Scout.) I forgot to go, but I was actually invited this time- maybe I've finally made it with the cool kids.

I love that Capote and Lee were friends too.

Sue said...

That is true that the Dill in the movie is nothing like the Dill in the book. He is such a little nerd!

If you listen to the IFC podcast, I'm pretty sure the IMDB keyword game answer for this week is Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. They are giving away the entire series of Kids in the Hall on DVD. I must win that!

Do you listen to the IFC podcast? I love it. Matt Singer is one of the hosts, he is the guy that co hosted Filmspotting a couple of weeks ago.