Saturday, August 14, 2010

WTB Movie Quiz

Just to add a little color to the WTB Movie posting, I added these two pics of Chester and Matt. We have been out to a little lake (Morton) outside of town to teach Chester how to swim and stuff. Chester took to the water like a dog. Loved it with great enthusiasim after at first being a little timid. Now he runs, leaps and bounds into the water chaseing a ball or stick. Last night we took the canoe to see if he would ride in it and not tip it over or jump out. It was a fiasco. The wind came up and it was blowing about 40 knots and whitecaps were on the lake and we got all wet. It was awlful, but Matt and I laughed about the experience.

As to the Movie of the week. No tie-in to the lake, water, dog or any of that. Hope you all have a good time trying to figure it out, but don't wait for the "give-away friday quotes", because I believe someone will have guessed it before Friday.

QUOTE: Person #1: Do you know what a compromise is?

Person #2: Bendin' the law?

Person #1: [slightly bemused] Uh, no. It's an agreement reached by mutual consent. Now here's the way it works. You concede the necessity of goin' to school, we'll keep right on readin' the same way every night. Just as we always have. Is that a bargin?

Good luck and have fun....


Man: "Didn't you know your daddy's the best shot in this county?"

Boy #1: Hey.
Boy #2: Hey yourself.
Boy #1: I'm Charles Baker Harris. I can read. I can read anything you've got.
Boy #1: Folks call me Dill.
Boy#2: How old are you? Four and a half?
Boy #1: Going on seven.
Boy #2: Well no wonder then. ***** ben readin' since she was born, and she's not even six yet.
You're mighty puny for nearly seven.
Boy #1: I'm little but I'm old.

If you don't know it yet, just wait for Friday's give-a-way quotes.

FRIDAYS GIVE-A-WAY QUOTES: Most of you have already guessed correctly on this classic book and movie. Who was first? Stay tuned for tomorrows answer.

Quote # 1:
Girl: Why there he is, Mr. Tate. He can tell you his name...
[Looks at the man]
Girl: Hey, Boo.
Father: [making introductions] Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley. I believe he already knows you.

Quote #2: Girl: [narrating] "Neighbors bring food with death, and flowers with sickness, and little things in between. Boo was our neighbor. he gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a knife, and our lives."

Quote #3: Rev. Sykes: "Jean Louise. Jean Louise, stand up. your father's passing."

Well, there you are. Can't get anymore "give-a-way" than that!!


Emily said...

Good playlist Pops! Liking the Blackwatch! (Can't say the same for Elinor. Funny story: While attending that Scottish festival last Saturday, we were at the parade, sitting right on the sidewalk there with our feet in the gutter. About 7 motorcycled cops opened the parade with the usual fanfare of sirens and circling (right in front of us) Let me tell you, it was LOUD. Elle's reaction was of great interest and they even got a clap. The cops were followed closely by a Bagpipe marching band of old Highland citizens. Elle's reaction: writhing and crying in agony. Hmmmm. That one must have her daddy's blood, cause mama likes mucho.)

For the record I don't think Rob dislikes bagpipe music. Maybe. You know, don't know if I've ever asked him.......... My point was that the Scottish blood must be thin with that one.

Emily said...

Wednesday was a giveaway for sure..... I will be interested to see what Friday's "giveaway" is. I have a guess, do I get extra credit if I guess what your last quote will be?


Pops said...

you are soooo wright, Emily. Very slow week on the blog. I have had a few guesses on the movie on Facebook but that is about all. Dog days of Summer and the Phisters out in the europe scene. Mom and saw the new Julia Roberts movie on Monday night. Not an action movie. Eat pray love. I think I was one of two guys in the whole movie house.
No bet Emily on the Friday quotes. You have me figured out and I know what I am going to use and I bet you do too. Love it!

Pops said...

What did you think my friday give-a-way quote would be. Did you get it wright?

Emily said...

Yes, yes I did.