Saturday, August 7, 2010

WTB Movie Quiz

Dudes and Dudettes: The early bird gets the wor. errr, Movie. Waytogo, Dan. You are the Man! 7:16 on Friday morning. Emily next at 10:00. Amy at 10:03. Bronwyn at 10:19. Haley at 10:42. Matt at 12:34. and Jeanine last.

I laughed and laughed reading the quotes from this movie. What a bunch of talented writers. One thing after another. Most excellent. One of my favs I didn't use was the fish in the aquarium at the denist office talking about the root canal being done and argueing over what instrament or clamp he was using. Anyway, fun movie and as Dan said in his message. Not R rated for sure. (or something like that). Also the two dude turtles being named Squirt and Crush. Two cirtus soft drinks. What's up with that! WTB?

Carry on, Dan. Have a good week you all, and have a great, fun, interesting, safe trip to Europe you Phister family and say "hello" to Simone for us.


Dan W said...

Shocked I was first! Lucky I had to get up early. I have been at Sunstone the last few days and only checking email at home early morning and late night.

I'll get something up later this morning. Gotta sleep now!

I also love Finding Nemo. I am a huge Albert Brooks fan and this definitely has the best Ellen performance of all time. Pixar rocks!

Oh, and Happy Birthday today Ben!

Neaners said...

Good job Bro!I would have beat you had I logged on before I went to work at 6am. I didn't think of it. Awesome movie and I never thought about Squirt and Crush! Interesting! Wonder if there is any significanc? Have a great week!