Saturday, September 11, 2010

What the bip? It was Stand By Me!

If you haven't seen this movie in awhile, you should watch it. I watched it a few months ago on cable and it totally holds up. You know how sometimes you decide to watch a movie you loved when you were younger and you are totally let down because you realize the movie is not very good. Well, this one is. This is a great, coming of age story, and there is a creepy dead body. These guys were a great bunch of actors. So sad, one of them is dead, one is a druggie, I don't know about the dark haired skinny kid. Okay, I just checked, he does a lot of cartoon voices, so he is doing okay. But who would have thought the chunky kid would grow up and marry Rebecca Romijn! Way to go Vern.

No one got it with the first clue. Matt guessed Zombie Land with the first quote. Nice guess, but sorry. Dad was the first to get it Wright with the second quote! Dan was second, he said he hadn't seen the movie in years and just put it together with the quotes, nice job. Cat was next and seemed unhappy she didn't get it with the first one. Then Em, and she seemed very iffy that she had it. Then Matt got it.

Well, Dad start putting together one of your random playlists! Nice job!


Pops said...

Oh! Wow! I didn't think that I won or even got the movie wright. I was like Dan only maybe I started thinking sooner. The Pez quote and the stay stupid quote just sounded like a young, boy, adolesent movie. I thought for awhile trying to remember 13 or 14 year old boy, coming of age movies and finally thought of the "railroad movie" as I remember it. I rememberd it was pretty good and most people liked it and then remembered three of the actors it were later famous. Took a shot and sent Sue my guess. I never put any of the quotes to the movie. Just a guess and Fridays quote was not a giveaway to me but did back up my guess. Just lucky again for me. Back on a roll. Yeah, Pops!!! Go Cougars!! The chunky kid married Rebecca Romijn? Far out! Hope for anybody.

I better work on my movie and playlist before Matt comes and snatches the computer and internet from my house and takes it to their apartment. Don't know yet what I am going to do about that. I want a large LED HDTV and I can't afford a TV and a computer. I have access to the internet at work but I can't use Facebook there, but I won't be completely isolated from the family blog and stuff I look at. Rock on and Holly Holy.

Haley said...

Good job Grandpa! I have heard of this movie but never seen it.

Sue said...

Nice job Dad. I forgot you were kind of iffy on the movie too. Sounds like Cat and Matt are the only ones who actually guessed it from a quote.

I just updated the allstar list, and guess what Dad? You have Em beat by 1!!!! You are the man.

Dan W said...

Congrats, George!

Matt said...

Waytogo Pops! I loved your wright up on this movie Sue! Funny stuff! Way to go Vern! haha
oh and this:
"You know how sometimes you decide to watch a movie you loved when you were younger and you are totally let down because you realize the movie is not very good."
I did that when I bought 'Neverending Story' on BlueRay. MISTAKE.

Neaners said...

I loved this movie too. But since I haven't seen it for years, it didn't ring a bell. Lol Matt with Neverending Story! I liked that movie especially the song but I am fair warned not to watch it now. Congrats from me Uncle George!

Sue said...

Too bad you didn't ask me before you bought that Matt. I could have told you it wasn't that good of a movie, man you loved that movie when you were like 5.