Sunday, September 12, 2010

WTB Movie Quiz

Well, supprised to win again. Haha... Just a guess on the Stand By Me movie as I explaned on the last posting. But a win, is a win, and I'll take it. So, peeps, suck-it-up, and make your guesses. Have a good week, e-baugh.

Quote: Man: "Well, I've been to one world fair, a picnic, and a rodeo, and that's the stupidest thing I ever heard come over a set of earphones. You sure you got today's codes?"

Talk to you on Wednesday.


Lionel Mandrake: Colonel...that Coca-Cola machine. I want you to shoot the lock off it. There may be some change in there.
Colonel "Bat" Guano: That's private property.
Lionel: Colonel! Can you possibly imagine what is going to happen to you, your fame, outlook, way of life, and everything, when they learn that you have obstructed a telephone call to the President of the United States? Can you imagine? Shoot it off! Shoot! With a gun! That's what the bullets are for, you twit!
Bat: Okay. I'm gonna get your money for ya. But if you don't get the President of the United States on that phone, you know what's gonna happen to you?
Lionel: What?
Bat: You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company.

Quote two: Colonel Turgidson: If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally sharp, he can barrel that baby in so low....oh you oughta see it sometime. It's a sight. A big plane like a '52....varrooom! it's jet exhaust...frying chickens in the barnyard!

Have a good one!!!
General Jack D. Ripper: Were you ever a prisoner of war?
Capt. Lionel Mandrake: Well, yes I was, matter of fact, Jack, I was.
Gen. Ripper: Did they torture you?
Capt. Mandrake: Uh, yes they did. I was tortured by the Japanesse, Jack, if you must know; not a pretty story.
Gen. Ripper: Well, what happened?
Capt. Mandrake: Oh, well, I don't know, Jack, difficult to think of under these conditions; but, well, what happened was they got me on the old Rangoon-Ichinawa railway. I was laying train lines for the bloody Japanese puff-puff's.
Gen. Ripper: No, I mean when they tortured you did you talk?
Capt. Mandrake: Ah, oh, no...well, I don't think they wanted me to talk really. I don't think they wanted me to say anything. It was just their way of having a bit of fun, the swines. Strange thing is they make such bloody good cameras.
#2. President Merkin Muffley: (on the phone) Hello?...Uh..Hello D- uh hello Dmitri? Lesten uh uh I can't hear too well. Do you suppose you could turn the music down just a little?...Oh-ho, that's much better.... .... .... Now then, Dmitri, you know how we've always talked about the possibility of something going wrong with the Bomb...The "Bomb", Dmitri... The "hydrogen" bomb!...Well now, what happened of our base commanders, he had a sort of...well, he went a little funny in the know..just a little...funny. And, ah.. HE WENT AND DID A SILLY THING.. Well I'll tell you what he did. He ordered his attack your country.
#3. President Muffley: "Gentleman, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room."
Most of you did not live through the Cold War years. It was an interesting time to say the least.
This movie was and is a great satire on the Cold War, the Arms Race, the Bomb and Russian/U.S. relations. Very funny and good acting. I'm supprised and sorry most of you have not seen it. The quote "He went and did a silly thing" was used a lot in shows, jokes and conversation after the movie was released. The "War Room" quote is good also.


Dan W said...

Some eclectic music, as usual, George! Knew you couldn't hold out much longer without songs from Linda and Crystal--it's been a few playlists since we've heard from either. (Not a rip, just a comment.)

Congrats on the win, but definitely lay an easy quote on me for Wednesday, as this one has my mind spinning in quite a few different directions.

Neaners said...

No clue again:(

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Pops said...

I haven't seen facebook yet today, but no guesses yet. Not even an incorrect one. Come on, guys, This movie is a true classic, but apparentlly not a wright classic. It goes back a few years, but not that much but it is in living black and white.

Emily said...

I certainly don't mind a challenge. Did you change any of the names on the quotes?

Pops said...

No name changes. I used the ones in the movie/quote page. Just trying to help.

Pops said...

A little trivia: Some trash talking Pro football players used to say something like this: "I did a Ronstadt on you" Meaning "I blew by you" hahaha

Dan W said...

I'm still stumped, dang it! Oh well, there's always next week . . .

Pretty funny on getting "Ronstadted"!