Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Goonies (WTB)

Sorry every one for not posting this yesterday- I even apologize to Dan in all his snarkiness. I will admit I TOTALLY forgot about posting yesterday. I did the Highland garage sale circuit on the bike with both kids and I don't know how many miles I rode, but it was a lot. We had a lot of fun and Scout scored some new Littlest Petshop toys and Elles scored a bath seat so she can bathe with her sister in the big bath (which they tried out this morning with success and fun for all), she also scored a new exersaucer that is smaller, more attractive to have in my living room, more fun, works better and was cheaper then the one we got her a few months ago. Not too bad. Of course we didn't haul it all home on the bike, we had to come back with the car after we got home. Anyway, the giant bike ride rendered me pretty useless the rest of the day and Rob and I ended up having Wendy's for dinner and renting a movie. Not a bad Saturday night (except that we happen to live by the worst Wendy's in the state- Dave I'm sure is rolling around in his grave thinking of our Cedar Hills Wendy's).
That was my explanation as to why I didn't post WTB. I didn't have the wherewithal to even think about the computer. SO, whatever, I did The Goonies this week, if there was anyone left wondering. Oh, I think Amy is still clueless. This was always a fun movie to watch growing up. Funny moments (truffle shuffle) and some good adventure (big pirate ship with treasure still aboard floating around where they were actually looking for it). Enough to wow a kid in the 80's at least.

So, congrats Haley, it's you again! Haley beat the crowd, by sending in her guess at 1:34 am. She knew it right away apparently. My second guess came unofficially from Ami, not saying the movie, but telling me how much she loves this movie and still subjects her reluctant husband to watching it now and then. So, even though she didn't officially guess, I'm giving her a little shout out for getting it second. Then came Cat, then Alex, then Sue and finally, yes, Dan did eventually guess it right. Guess he isn't too high brow for such dribble (or perhaps he is but saw it anyway).

Take it away Berries Pies!


Amy said...

This is one of those movies that I have probably collectively seen the whole thing, but in bits and pieces over the years. Pretty much under the radar for me. Reminds me of you guys, though.

Dan W said...

Yeah, I've seen it. Totally didn't get any feelings of recognition from the clues though and only pieced it together from the final clue because I knew Goonies had a bad Momma who locked her son up.

Hee hee about Em's suspension. Just wishful thinking including hoping she won't know this week's... Not that I know it... yet.

Matt said...

Dave rolling around in his grave thinking about his Cedar Hills Wendy's made me laugh SO HARD. Holy bip.
I guess I just didn't play. Too easy... And figured by the time I saw it someone already won. Why do I care about winning?! It's like all or nothing for me. I'm so lame! I know Haley's new movie too. (I'm sure most of us do) But I know B already saw it and guessed.
I did the same thing with Dumb and Dumber.
Can't wait for Lagoon! Who's all going?