Monday, May 24, 2010

Nerdfest 2010

Which is how Rob referred to it.

Sue, Cat and I called it our super cool LOST party. We decided to say goodbye to Lost by watching it together and having a proper party. We never ever watch it together (we just discuss it together afterward). Anyway, it just seemed right to watch the finale together.

In a hotel room.

With Dharma brand food.

I decided if there was ever a time I was going to go no holds barred nerd, it was going to be for this, so I put myself in charge of dinner and snacks and downloaded some labels off the internet, cut and double sided taped them while watching the Grey's season finale and I was VERY proud of the result. Rob is still wondering what went wrong and how he got here.

The Tic Tacs were a party favor I made to take home and keep (or eat). I broke open a pac in the middle of our party and I struggled with opening it and told Sue, "these aren't as easy to open as regular tic tacs" and Sue goes, "stupid Dharma brand tic tacs."

We went in watching the series finale with no idea what was going to happen. The series end was set up so well, no one could make a guess on how it would be wrapped up. I haven't heard yet what the Lost community thinks of it, but as for us-- we were very surprised and happy with the end. We stared in disbelief, dropped our jaws, scratched our heads, and cheered. What more could you ask for?

So, farewell Lost, we sure enjoyed you. Admittedly, you were not always the best acted or best written show, yes- there were times we outright laughed at where you went (giant wheel anyone?) BUT, we always forgave you. What you did do was always supply us with endless discussions on who are the good guys, what's better-- a man of science or a man of faith, what the bip do those numbers mean?
I will miss Sawyer's nicknames, texting Sue in the middle of watching an episode with a simple: "BIP!" and I'm going to miss Hurley.

Live together, die alone.

Yeah, I'm not going to miss that line.


Dan W said...

"Stupid Dharma brand tic tacs!" Hilarious! (David's famous Winchell's Donut boxes line lives on!)

Wow, you guys do nerdy really well! Congrats! I really wish I had taken the Lost plunge. Maybe I will with DVDs....

Sue said...

Last night was so fun! I'm so glad we watched it together. And Em, you went above and beyond making the Dharma brand food. That was awesome!

I am very satisfied with how it ended. My favorite part of the whole episode is still Hurley's face when he is talking to Charlie. I've already listened to the Ryan and Jen podcast. Not much insight really, but a good listen. Jay and Jack don't have their podcast up yet.

Cat was up until 1am, then woke back up at 4am because she couldn't stop thinking about Jacks appendix scar. She just sent me a text about it a couple of minutes ago. hee hee. The things that keep us up at night.

Best quotes from last night's show:

"How about you come down the mountain top and talk to us about what the burning bush had to say about itself."

"I'll go get the magic leprechaun out of that well."

Both from Sawyer, of course.


Emily said...

I'm totally watching it again tonight! Loved the leprechaun line and LOVED Hurley's face seeing Charlie. I am listening to Jorge's last week podcast right now (I missed it- Desmond is his guest!) I am looking forward to his final podcast thinking he has GOT to have a little insight since he is actually in the show. I also need to listen to Jay and Jack's Friday episode (didn't realize I was so behind) I want to listen to these before moving on the the finale ones so I can hear the discussion before I move on. Then I will get to Ryan and Jen's. So many questions left!

Dan- I honestly think you would really enjoy the show and it would be worth your while to make the commitment. It's a lot of fun. I have two friends (married) that just decided to watch it in January for the first time and they blew through the entire series in time to watch the last season. So when/if you decided to do it, be aware that it is very addicting!

Sue said...

Wait....What? Jorge has a podcast?

Pops said...

My stars! What is going on with my coven of Nerdlings? Lost? Dharma? I don't know what any of that means. I know Lost is a tv show. I have never ever seen the show so I am really out in left field or left island or whatever. I am delighted that you three sisters are so into something that you enjoy and talk about. That a TV show can do that is amazing and a good thing. Am. Idol almost did that with us here in WYO for the last few years. This year I dropped out and don't even know the names of the contestants. Mom is still involved. Well, rock on you wierdos and know that I love you... dad

B said...

Dan, just be warned that season 2 is the biggest suck-fest on the face of planet earth. But I've been told that if you can make it through that without putting your foot through the tv, then you can do almost anything. Lost-wise at least.

So I have to ask... do the numbers EVER get explained?

SO glad we didn't schedule a trip to Utah for this past weekend :-D But glad that you nerds all had fun.

Emily said...

Sue! Yes. Jorge and his girlfriend started one for the last season. I only discovered it about a month ago. They would discuss it when he got the script- so most of it is a discussion before filming and then they would release it after the episode and they would do a brief recap after the show aired and how it differed from the script. I am still watching back episodes. They also had Micheal Emerson as a guest for the dr. Linus episode. The podcast is called, "Geronimo Jack's Beard". His girlfriend is mildly annoying but ok. Jorge is great as always.

Sue said...

I'm getting emails that both Em and B have left comments on this post, but I don't see them! What is happening? Is it a flash sideways? hee, hee.

Em, I will have to check out Jorge's podcast. I love him!

B! We cannot possibly answer your question on a public forum! Dan might watch the series and I don't think Amy has watched the last season! Sheesh! I will send you a message on facebook.

Emily said...

And yes B (where ever your comment went- it's in my inbox) they explain the numbers and it was crazy and I will never tell you.
I LIKED the second season, I thought it was fascinating.

Emily said...

Sue- your comment isn't here either- don't tell B, she doesn't deserve to know.

Cat said...

It was very, very fun last night! And yes, I did lose sleep over it.

Pops said...

It sounds like B is not a fan of the show. waytogo, B a holdout.

Haley said...

We are season 2 dropouts. We are considering starting up again, we'll see. Glad the nerdlings had fun! By the way, the label on this post about made me die laughing.

Neaners said...

I am officially a nerdling too or another nickname "Lostie". I loved the show and the ending. It would have been so fun watching it with you guys. The Dharma labels were a riot!! Thanks. I will have to discuss it with you guys sometime. Yes bro, you would like it and I would be interested in your opinions. So much spiritual and metaphysical stuff involved left up to interpretation. I am sad it is over but the series was well done and I do believe it will live on in TV history.

Amy said...

You guys are awesome! I'm sad I couldn't have been there with you for your nerd-party. But, Sue, you're right, I haven't watched the final season. I started watching Lost about 2 years ago and ploughed through all the seasons on the treadmill. I really love it. Love Sawyer and his nicknames. Can't wait to walk through this season and see how it finally ends. Haley, I think you and Marcus should finish it. I know why you were disturbed and quit, but it does not really continue with the stuff that bothered you much.
LOVE the Dharma labes, Em. So awesome!

Emily said...

I've been trying to figure out what it is about Lost that disturbed Haley and Marcus. I think I MAY have come up with it and want to know if I'm right. What was it?

(I not only need to solve the mysteries IN Lost, I must solve the mysteries concerning Lost too apparently).

Haley said...

It just got too violent and scary for me. It gave me nightmares. I get scared my shows and movies really easily.

Rob said...


Haley said...

Was that directed at me? Or just this whole thing? Haha.

Rob said...

Not at you Haley- the comment cut of a few more "D"'s, and a bundle of "S"'s, and a handful of "!"'s, so the word was supposed to be a long drawn out "nerds!" for all the little lost nerdies out there.