Sunday, May 30, 2010

Haley's WTB II

I'm on a roll! It's nice actually knowing these once in a while. I decided to do some of my favorite songs from musicals, just for something different. Also my favorite opera song ever, it seriously can bring me to tears. Well, anyway here is your new quote for this week!

Person 1: Are you married?
Person 2 : I'm divorced.
Person 1: Would you like to talk about that?
Person 2 : There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't. My ex-wife loves him.
Person 1 : [pause] I see. So, what you're saying is that even though you are an almost-paralyzed, multiphobic personality who is in a constant state of panic, your wife did not leave you, you left her because she... liked Neil Diamond?

***Wednesday Hints:***

[talking to his fish]
Person 1: Good morning, Gil. I said, good morning, Gil.

Here's another one just for fun:

Person 1: I'm sailing! I'm sailing! I sail ! I'm a sailor ! I sail !

***Friday Giveaway***

 Person 1:  [eating corn] Oh, Fay, this is so scrumptious. Is this hand-shucked?

Another one:

Person 1: Baby step to four o'clock. Baby step to four o'clock.


Pops said...

Good movie, Haley. Great playlist. Finally some class on this 'ol blog. La Boheme, A.Weber etc.

Haley said...

Haha thanks Gramps, I got all my class from you, love ya!

Dan W said...

"I got all my class from you..." Words George has probably never heard said to him before! (JK . . . sort of). Anyway, it got me laughing.

Sounds like George knows this movie this week. I still need another hint, dang it!

Haley said...
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Emily said...

I sail now.......... AHOY!

Pops said...

Is'nt Gil the best ever name for a fish? It wasn't a good name for a 6 year old boy. Short for Gilbert. Believe me I know.

Ha, Dan, good one on the class statement. Thanks, Haley. I haven't been acussed of having class for a long time if ever.

Yeah, he's a sailor alright. Roped to the mast he can movie ever for quotes.

Neaners said...

I haven't got a clue either! Not doing very well with these. Goonies I only saw once so it may be the same with this one as well. Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day! I opted for the time and a half at work. Nice perk but I would have traded it for some fun plans though. Oh well!

Neaners said...

Wow I am really curious now...I must not have seen it!

Pops said...

Wow, Neaners>> you shirley must have not seen it for the quotes are so familiar to those of us that have seen it a few hunderd times. It is truly a wright classic. Top two or three best ever, ever movies. See it soon for some good laughs.