Saturday, May 1, 2010

WTB Movie

I don't know what the teenage adolescence kids go see nowadays to watch love stories, growing up films and just plain funny movies, now that John Hughes died. He wrote: Curly Sue, Dutch, Uncle Buck, Ferris Bueller's Day off, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and our movie of the week...Some Kind of Wonderful. John Hughes was a wonder. He also did: P.T. & A. Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and all the sequels and many more. He directed many of them also. RIP John.

Some more quotes from S.K. of Wonderful: Kieth: You can't tell a book by its cover.
Watts: No, but you can tell how much it's gonna cost you. Keith: Wow, I never knew you were so deep. Watts: You want shallow, call Amanda Jones.

Keith: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I was so hard on you.
Watts: Me too.
Keith: You always hurt the ones you love.
Watts: So when are you going to beat the shit out of Amanda Jones?

Watts: You break his heart. I break your face.

Anyway, fun little movie in the middle 80's. M. S. M. carried the movie with her role as Watts.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE:: SUSIE WON! She was just a little ahead of Emily on friday morning. Matt made some lame, wild guesses because of the drum reference in the quote. La Bamba for example. Dan and Lori came in with the correct answer Sat. morning. Where's Cat and Amy?

Waytogo, Sue. First real win after all this time. Not a default win. You are the one! Congrats!

Have a good week.


Emily said...

Congrats Sue!
Back in the saddle (coming up with movies).

Sue said...

Yay me! The drum quote definitely nailed it for me. I really liked this movie and really liked the character Watts. This movie also made Eric Stoltz one of my favorite actors.

I'm putting my playlist together now! I will miss Dad's though, I think this is my favorite playlist we've had on here so far. Good job GW.

Pops said...

Well bless your little pointy head, Sue, for saying such a nice thing about my playlist. They are kinda old school, but nice tunes. Tom Waits is a little off the wall but I like him.

Neaners said...

Good Job Sue! I only saw this movie once so I had no clue. It will be good to see what u post this time. Have a great week everyone!

Amy said...

Are you really surprised I was missing here? I've seen it a couple of times, but really have a hard time pulling things out of this brain of mine. I like this movie, thought. I agree about Mary Stuart Masterson. She plays a great character.

Matt said...

"Rebel Without A Cause" was not a lame guess! Hehe. I thought it would be an older movie. So I threw a few out there. At least I played!!

I love this eighties music by the way. Nice change Sue.


Emily said...

I don't know Matt- those quotes were a little racy for Rebel, and try as I might, I just can't picture Natalie Wood in boy's underpants. So I'm going with dad on this one- kinda lame.

I do agree with Matt about the music! Fun change.


Sue said...

Glad you guys like the music, brings back tons of memories. I had everyone one of the featured albums on LP and I remember me and Mindi dancing to these songs quite a bit.

I figured you'd at least like Big Audio Dynamite Matt. It was Mick Jones' band after the Clash. I was looking for a different song of theirs called Bottom Line, but Playlist didn't have it. That was a great song. But E=MC2 is my next favorite.

Matt said...

Oh yeah Em? Well, you suck.

I'm glad you told me that Sue. I kept hearing it and thinking it sounded like The Clash, but I didn't know anything about Big Audio Dynamite.