Saturday, February 26, 2011


A Movie about Wolfie, aka Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I remember being blown away by this movie. The scope of it, the genius of Mozart, the music, the actors Tom Hulce and F. Murray Abraham. The movie won 8 Oscars.

Salieri wants to praise the Lord through composing. But he can't understand why God favored Mozart, such a vulgar creature, to be His instrument. Salieri envy made him an enemy of God.
Not much action this week. Haley made an incorrect guess early in the week. I think Dan did too. But.....on Friday, ten minutes before I posted the Give-A-Quotes... Our intrepid Emily made the wright guess. A big WAYTOGO Emily!!! Dan came in later in the day with his correct guess. That was the only action on this movie all week. Boo! Boo! Wake up out there in cyber land.

I am going to miss my Playlist. Take it away, Ems.


Pops said...

FYI: IMDB has Amadeus rated PG, but down lower it has the Directors Cut rated R. (some boobs) I worried about this for awhile, but because the movie shown in the theaters was PG I guess we are all wright.

I worked 12.5 hours today at the airport. 9 hours snowplowing. We have one machine broken and since I had the duty today and tomorrow I was alone and did the whole snowplowing. It snowed about 3 inches Friday night.

B said...

If you want some "action" then don't pick the most random movie known to mankind!! (8 Oscars, psh)

Haley said...

Haha good one B!

Pops said...

Hummm! The Queen and King of random are complaining about randomness. What's with that!!

Amy said...

Matt even mentioned this movie a couple of weeks ago, suggesting that Annie should watch it. I saw it once, in 1984 when it was released. We will need to rent it. We were talking about good movies about music and musicians that we thought Annie, our resident musician, would enjoy. Last night we watched "Mr. Holland's Opus" with her. She liked it a lot. Good job Em. I'm impressed.

Emily said...

This is actually not a random movie, it's a really good movie that was really popular and deserved the praise it got. We even watched it in 8th grade music class. I don't think anyone can deny Mozart was a crazy mad genius, so watching a movie about his life is going to be interesting- especially a well made one. Besides that, it inspired the song that Matt used to sing to Little E when she was like 4 months old and it made her laugh.

Just thought I'd school the young ones a little.

On another note---------YEAH BUDDY! I can't believe I got that right before you posted the give aways! Such good timing. I was totally haunted by that first quote since it was written I was going nuts. I kept going, "the people are sitting down on the floor and kind of whispering........." I wish I would have pictured them in giant powdered wigs- that would have helped. Anyway, it finally came to me that morning and what a relief that was. I've seen this movie a lot, I really like it. I heard they over play Mozart's goofiness a little- but hey- it's Hollywood.

As long as we are talking about mad genius composers, if you haven't seen Immortal Beloved- check that one too. That one is about Beetoven and Gary Oldman plays him and so you know he did a good job. There are a few scenes that really really made an impression on me. Watching the scene where he is composing Für Elise with his ear pressed against the piano so he can feel the vibrations made me cry. Also towards the end he stands up during a performance of Symphony #9 (Ode to Joy). He just kind of stands up and goes to the front and it's kind of awkward and he just stands there, that choked me up big time too. The movie centered around the mystery surrounding his will, he left everything to his "Immortal Beloved" and no one knows who that is. The movie drew it's own conclusions, but history never knew. Kind of a romantic notion. Anyway- I liked that movie. That one is R- I think I remember some brief nudity.

"some boobs"- haha dad! That made me laugh.

Crazy lots of snowplowing dad! Take it easy. My wv is "flytocar".
Just thought I'd note that.

Matt said...

(Some boobs) was freaking hilarious.

hehe. I loved singing that crazy 80's song to Els.

I LOVED Amadeus. Good "thinking movie" that didn't make the list we had a while back. I really enjoyed how the whole movie revolved around his conversation with the Catholic Father as an old man. Another thing that struck me, was how it seemed to be a period film that didn't take itself too serious, which is what turns me off about most period films. This was more like Inglorious Bastards. You could totally tell it was filmed in the 80's and some of them (not all of them, which made it even more cool) just spoke like typical college students in america or something. I don't know, maybe it was just my imagination. It was one of those movies I kinda saw when I was really little and intrigued me a lot. The dark suicide scene at the very beginning sure got my attention and stuck with me. Just another one of those traumatic, dark, and evil things from my childhood that has shaped me into the person I am today. Lol. :)

Dan W said...

Matt: "The dark suicide scene at the very beginning sure got my attention and stuck with me. Just another one of those traumatic, dark, and evil things from my childhood that has shaped me into the person I am today. Lol."

Here's to more dark suicide scenes then because you're pretty awesome (however weirdly shaped you may be)...

Matt said...

Thanks Dan. Yes, lets raise our glasses to more dark suicide scenes! hehe. Lets see, what other ones can I think of from movies I watched a lot...

Brooks in Shawshank redemption.

TONS of awesome fake ones in Harold and Maude!

Say, talking about movies is fun, what ever happened to that game we were all going to do where we discuss movies around topics? Oh, wait, I think that was in Sue's hands and she is pretty busy right now. If you are reading this Sue, I'm so sorry to hear about your house. I know how much you loved that place and how much work you put into it.