Sunday, February 13, 2011


RUNNING ON EMPTY: I have always liked this little film and used to watch it a lot. I had the VHS tape and everything. It is not shown on cable very much anymore. It's the story of a family that have to move often because the FBI is after the parents because of a protest bombing of a building that was supposed to be empty, but a janitor or some was killed. The oldest son is in high school and has a friendship with a girl and he is gifted in piano and wants to go to Julliard. Anyway a good story, good acting and gives pause for thoughts and family relationships.

I am suprised that so few of you have not seen it. I believe if you had you would have guessed from the clues I gave about River Phoenix dying young and the James Taylor song that had a great part in the film. Go out and rent the movie and give it a look. Very worth seeing.
Contrats to DAN. He beat out Emily by 35 minutes on the 9 with his true guess. Sorry Ems, you just seem to be stuck in 2nd place these days. You're first in my heart though.


Cat said...

Dang! I love this movie and have watched it several times. Couldn't put it together with the quotes or the musical clues, however. Martha Plimpton plays the girlfriend. I love her and is in my favorite new show. It's called 'Raising Hope'. It's on Fox on Tuesday nights. Watch it, people! It is so funny.

Emily said...

ARG!! 35 minutes???