Sunday, February 6, 2011

WTB New Movie for the Week, Yippee!!

The Silver Fox strikes again. Least you think that I am that good and my brain or what is left of it can remember quotes from a movie I saw in the theater way back when...forget that! I just reasoned that it was a British comedy from a few years ago and then looked at Dans' Playlist, remembering that he likes to mess with our heads and leave clues around, and I saw "Funeral For a Friend" and "The Wedding Song" Now who, but Dan, would put on his Playlist "Funeral For a Friend" if it wasn't a clue to the WTB Movie? Funeral, Wedding clicked to this movie that I don't remember much about it except it had Flopsie in it. I mostly like Hugh Grant except every time I see him I wonder how he could have been unfaithful to Elizabeth Hurley.

Anyway, here is the new movie of the week. It is a nice nugget of a move from the mid to late 8os and I have always liked and have watched it many times. The movie does not trivelize or glorify crime like so many do these days and leads to some tough decisions. Will I put a clue in the Playlist??....Naaaa... well, maybe and then maybe not.. Most of you should get this one so get your guess on facebook soon.

Quote # 1: Lorna: You are certifiable! What is this? Some sort of smart-ass joke? You're taking cooking?
Michael: I want to learn how to cook.
Lorna: Yeah, right. You have some burning desire to learn how to make apple brown betty..
Michael: What are you doing here if you think so highly of it?
Lorna: Well, they wouldn't let me take auto mechanics, and I didn't have time to take the issue to the Supreme Court.

Have fun folks.

No guesses yet this week. Come on peeps, get going. Some of the songs in my playlist does have a part of maybe the best scene of the movie. One of the actors died at a way to early age.

Quote #1: Person 1. What's this about a pizza?
Michael: Well, you ordered one.
Person 1. I didn't. Well, will you have to pay for it?
Michael: Oh no.... I'll have to eat it.

Quote #2: Mother: What are we doing to these kids? They've been running their whole lives like criminals, and they didn't do anything!
FRIDAY: Only two guesses so far.
Quote a: Michael: Aren't we supposed to question authority? You taught me that! Who do you think you are. General Patton?
Quote b: Arthur: Now, go out there and make a difference. Your mother and I tried. Don't let anyone tell you different.
Quote c: Michael: Now, I have no right in telling this to you. It's dangerous for you and it's dangerous for them, but i'm sorry I just couldn't stop myself. You can do what you want to, you can tell your dad; anything, i don't care. I just needed you to know...I don't know what i'm doing, and I love you.


Dan W said...

You don't think "Funeral for a Friend" is worthy of being a standalone playlist selection? Sacrilege!

Dan W said...

BTW, "Fire and Rain" from your new list is in my Top 5 all time best songs. Awesome choice.

Love "He Ain't Heavy..." but this version...not so much!

Neal and Mommas and Pappas are good ones. Don't know the Julie song and doubt I'll stay clicked on the Miles Davis song for it to play all the way through.

Pops said...

Good review on my playlist, Dan. I agree with all you said and thankss for the props.. I was looking for "he aint heavy" and this boys choir was the only choice. It is strange but not too bad. I always want a jazz trumpet number, but I was in a hurry and picked the wrong one I think. There still is a clue to the movie in that list. Think! think!

Pops said...

Sure miss Sue! Love her and hope she and Cam can and will work out of their problem, whatever that is.