Sunday, December 7, 2008

Emily's Fun Facts & Entertainment News

So, in light of my recent title "The Source", I have decided to make my own little section of the blog. I don't think I will rope myself into a day of the week (or even know if I will do it every week), but these will just show up at random. I find when I am forced into a time frame, my creative juices run dry and things become a chore.
I am a natural researcher and seeker of interesting facts. This comes in handy once in a while when playing trivia games and the like. If I like something, I tend to seek out everything I can about the subject. With all of this in mind, I will share my little nuggets I find of interest (and try and keep the subject within what I feel most of you will be interested in).

Here we go.

Fun Fact #1 -

Twilight is now, the number #1 box office Vampire movie. The top 3 as of today's date are as follows:

1 - Twilight $138,552,000
2 - Van Helsing $120,177,084
3 - Interview With The Vampire $105,264,608

(Twilight is ranked #12 in money makers for 2008. Sadly, Kingdom of the Chrystal Skulls is #3)

Fun Fact #2 -

Authors, John Irving (The Cider House Rules and The World According to Garp) and Stephen King (I think you are all familiar with him) made a public plea to JK Rowling not to kill Harry Potter in the 7th book, before the book was released.

Entertainment News -

Stephenie Meyer has said in a recent interview that she will probably pick up and finish Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's point of view) in 2 years or so (She says after everyone has forgotten about it -yeah right). She thinks her next project will be a book about mermaids (although, she refers to them as Sirens, like the Ancient Greeks).


Pops said...

All Wright! Waytogo, Source. Interesting stuff and I am looking forward to more from you. Keep it up.

Sue said...

Me likey this idea! And finding out the Stephen King cares about Harry Potter, makes me care a little more about him. That cracks me up!

Emily said...

I thought that was so cute they cared enough to make a public plea. Very funny to me. Glad you guys like my idea.

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

I love it! Especially when it involves Twilight things. Hehe. That is really funny about the Harry Potter thing. I can just hear Sue saying "me likey this idea!" I thought she was going to start working on Midnight Sun after Breaking Dawn was released. LAME! I want to read it so bad!

Marcus and Haley Crook said...


Sue said...

Interesting fact I just found out about the next Twilight movie. They are using a different director! I think we should all be okay with that idea.

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

Ooh very interesting.....

Pops said...

Yeah, I read in Desert News web that Hardwickle or whatever her name is was out as the next director of Bule moon. I okay with that....(not that it matter a twit)

Emily said...

That is good good news Sue! Yay, you just made my day.