Saturday, December 20, 2008

Emily's Fun Facts & Entertainment News

Fun Fact #7 -
Neil Leslie Diamond is his real name. Other names such as Eice Chary and Noah Kaminsky were considered as stage names at the start of his career. When asked right before Solitary Man was released which name he wanted to go with by the record co., he thought of his grandmother who had just died and told Bang Records, ".....go with Neil Diamond and I'll figure it out later."

Noah Kaminsky??!!

Fun Fact #8 -
Neil was the first ever winner of a Razzie Award for his role in The Jazz Singer.
Yet was also nominated for a Golden Globe for the same role.

Fun Fact #9 -
Neil's 2008 tour has been his most successful of any of his previous tours since 1966.
A few months ago, (end of August) he performed at Ohio State with layrengitis. He felt bad about how it went and awarded the entire audience refunds.


Sue said...

Noah Kaminsky? hahahahha! Why would they think that is a better name than his real name? Neil Diamond is an awesome stage name! It sounds made up.

Did you know John Denver's real name was Henry John Deutschendorf?

Lawrence olivier is so cute. I think I'm going to buy Cam the Jazz Singer for Christmas. We must own it.

Emily said...

Noah Kaminsky totally befuddles me. It sounds a lot more like THAT was his real name and he changed IT to Neil Diamond. Deutschendorf is now my new favorite word to say. But I can see why he changed it to Denver...too funny.
Lawrence Olivier is too cute. I love him in that movie. I really want to see that movie right now! Remember how much fun we had watching it at the Phisters a while back? That was one of the funniest movie watching experiences ever.

Sue said...

I agree, watching the Jazz Singer at the Phisters with Scott was hilarious! The kittens on the chest is one of my favorite things ever!

Olivier is one of my all time favorite actors. He did a lot of great classic Shakespeare movies. He played Hamlet, Shylock and Richard III, he even played Othello!!! He was also Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights. I love him!