Friday, January 16, 2009

The Glass Castle

I just finished this great book. I love to read talented people telling stories about their messed up childhoods. Think David Sedaris; think Augusten Bourroughs. Well this is another great read in this genre. It's written by a woman named Jeannette Walls and this is her story. It is truley incredible in it's honesty. She is the second born in a four child family story born to these two people who you just have to read about to describe. It takes place in the fifties through the eighties. If you guys read this book, you will be amazed (as I was) at how these poor children had been forced to be grown-ups (because their parents just weren't) at such a young age. It really was entertaining an well-written. I really liked it, but it has a bad word or two.


Pops said...

Sad little post with no comments. Well here is a comment.....ehhhh!

Matt said...

You sure did Cath! Had to look it up. I am reading the book now. Amy, Mom, and B have all read it. They all liked it a lot.