Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm guessing that our family isn't too into podcasts, as they are never mentioned. They are fairly new to me, but I have decided to explore this world and have discovered some interesting ones in this process. I thought if some of you are interested in listening to podcasts, but don't know where to start, here are some I can recommend.

Some of these I can loosely recommend, some I am REALLY liking. My favorite one I have discovered so far is this:

This is a podcast done by two guys in LA, one goes and sees the movie, the other has not seen it, and his point of view is based on the propaganda for the film. What I most like about it is that they are respectful of most movies (ok, they really hate the animated comedies such as Madagascar). What sold me was that they didn't totally trash Twilight, which I would expect of two guys in their late twenties/early thirties that have never read the books. They are funny, insightful and genuinely seem to love movies, AND talk about them without the snobby air that seem to come with most movie reviewers.
A great segment of their program is their dvd picks. They pick a dvd (and encourage the listeners to write in with their picks too) of a movie that is loosely related to the movie they are discussing that week. This week they reviewed Notorius (The Notorius B.I.G story), and their dvd pick was "favorite bio movies" (one picked The Doors the other picked Coal Miner's Daughter) then they discuss those movies for a bit. For Twilight they picked "favorite vampire movies", you get the idea. It is fun to hear them talk about old movies you've seen or maybe have missed. There is some swearing, but not what I would consider gratuitus.
2. I listen to two history podcasts. One is called simply "History Podcast", the other is called "Stuff you Missed in History Class". The latter one is done by the Discovery Channel network, and I warn you can be a touch cheesy. So far it hasn't ruined it for me, but I am a bit wary of that fact-- a lot of radio talk is cheesy though, so you have to kind of learn to ignore that sometimes. They are both just short segments and I like them, because I like to brush up on random history facts sometimes. Such as: Wyatt Earp, Lady Godiva, Roman Aquaducts, and the Boston tea party. They also discuss what is rumor about these events, and what actually happened. I like it, but sometimes I'm a nerd.

Now this one is only for the die hard LOST fans out there- I know of a few. I am sure there are countless podcasts on Lost out there, but this one is pretty interesting. It is accredited enough, that the producers (or someone high up in the LOST food chain) send these guys the episodes early to watch so they can discuss them better. It gives insight on what is going on (most of it, that I have missed). Callers call in with crack pot theories that are entertaining. Anyway, it is always fun to talk LOST and hear theories and this one is kind of fun in that regard. I only started with this new season, and I already feel way more informed.

I know I don't have to sell this one to Cath and Sue, as they have been listening to this show WAY before I ever have, but I am enjoying it. The dude that does it (Ira Glass), takes a subject about something random and interviews people and it is always interesting. I liked one he did about this huge Santa Claus group (people that play Santa in department stores, etc.) I think you have to have a real Santa beard to belong and go to the conventions. The politics and corruption that is involved in the higher ups of this club, were shocking and very funny. Who knew?

Podictionary - this one is a little dry, but it is about word origins and I am a bit of a word nerd myself, and enjoy this because of that. They are just mini less then 5 minute, podcasts focusing on one word, it's respectable for any etymology nerds out there.

Now for some duds. I tried out for fun some Harry Potter and Twilight ones. Whew! I had a real nerd wake up call. The #1 Harry Potter one I could only stand about 15 minutes of, the hosts sounded like the nerdiest, self satisfied, snot noses I had ever heard. I can't say I was really surprised, but good grief, I can't believe so many people listen to it, I wanted to jump through my Ipod and strangle the twerp. I can only hope it's largest audience is under 12. The other Harry Potter podcast I heard wasn't THAT bad. It is run by the Leaky Cauldren people, which I respect as being a good source of Harry Potter on the web. They have even done exclusive interviews with JK Rowling, which I listened to and enjoyed. But I am not going to be spending much time listening to that, it was still a little too nerdy for me. The two twilight ones I heard were just a total disaster. I couldn't handle them at all, way way too fan girl and not the least insightful. Again, I wasn't too surprised.

I'll keep a look out for good ones. You can still listen to podcasts by the way if you don't have an Ipod. You just have to do it through your computer.


Amy said...

Sorry, but I don't know what a podcast is. I'm a little out of it. Sounds kind of cool though.
(The rest of this comment has nothing to do with podcasts, but I wanted to get a message out to all my sisters out there.) A couple friends of mine and I are throwing Haley a baby shower and just wanted to let you know that you are invited. Please don't feel any pressure, but it would be so fun to have you come up. One drawback is that it is on Valentine's Day. It's a brunch (crepes and stuff) at 11:00 at my house. We had to do it that day because of Haley's schedule (3 day weekend for Pres. Day). You know you can bring your husbands and make a fun weekend out of it and even watch "Wild HEARTS Can't Be Broken"! (totally appropriate). Anyway, I'll send out invitations soon, but just wanted to give you time to plan.

Cat said...

Amy,We'll think about coming out, but we'll send her a gift for sure. Is she registered anywhere? If not, maybe you can give me a hint of what she needs.

Emily,I've been wanting to podcast TAL since I got my media player. It's not an ipod, can I still do it? I liked the idea of being able to spend Saturdays from 3-4 not tied to my radio rooms (kitchen & bathroom). But my media player gets radio reception, so I'm way more free. But it would be nice to podcast and listen to it at any time convenient to me.

Emily said...

Obviously, I only have experience with how to do it with itunes. I know for sure you can, I am just unfamiliar with your software. I know all podcasts have websites and I believe you can subscribe to them from those, or there is as site I visited once called "podcast alley" which is a good source of all podcasts including the most popular ones, and you can look up podcasts by genre. You can subscribe to them there and it gives you a url to cut and paste into your software. Does yours have a store in which to purchase music? If so, it is very possible you have a way to get podcasts directly like with itunes. I would just explore a little bit.
If you don't have an ipod at all, and are planning on listening right from your computer, I would recommend downloading itunes from It's free and a good way to organize your music on your computer

Cat said...

Thanks, Em. I'm sure I'll figure it out when I have time, or it becomes an option that I want to explore. I'm sure I'll start to want to buy songs from itunes and whatnot.