Friday, April 8, 2011

A Few Minutes with OWEN

I made this video in a few hours just for Amy. Just because:

1. She is amazing.
2. She has always wanted a Newfoundland and I think that is too cute.
3. I was really sick of doing high school kid slide shows yesterday.
4. B was out with friends last night so it was a good thing to do while I boiled artichokes.
5. Owen was extra clean and fun after getting groomed for 9 hours.

Love you Aims!


Amy said...

That's so awesome, Matt! Well, you're so awesome, Matt! Thanks for that. I love it so much. I love his hair blowing in the wind. The Owen-cam shots were cute, too, with his fuzzy hairs in the way. I love the majestic profile shots. And I LOVE those sweet brown eyes. Thanks for capturing some moments with Owen.

Matt said...

You're welcome! It was fun! Its not hard to make that dog look majestic. Yeah, Owen-cam was funny, he took to that harness really well, you gotta get a pull cart for him!

Amy said...

I know. I'm so excited to get a cart. I think he'll like it. And my grandkids will think I'm the coolest Grandma ever! We could attach the camera to his back and film the kids on their rides.

Cat said...

So cute!

Haley said...

Very cute Matt. I loved the Owen cam too. I don't think I trust Owen enough to put my kids in a cart pulled by him. :) At least not until they are older.

Amy said...

Of course. We will make sure he is well-trained before any children have a ride.