Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Prestige, Yo

As most of you know (judging from the guesses), this week's movie was The Prestige! Interesting, well made movie. Christopher Nolan is just the best. That dude knows how to make a good movie and keep it intriguing until the end when he blows your mind. It's the story of two magicians that start out as partners, but spend most of the movie as rivals. Set sometime around the turn of the century. Jackman and Bale are the rival magicians, Caine plays an old and wise magician of sorts and Bowie plays Tesla. Scarlett Johansson plays someone's wife and/or assistant (I don't remember to be truthful). Anyway, if you missed this one I urge you to check it out- you will most likely thank me.

Congratulations Lorri! You came in first, oh- I mean Dan (but he gave some credit to Lorri for getting it so fast). I actually think that was a good thing, because the second correct guess came in barely 10 minutes later and it was Haley. I think Haley has some distractions this week, so I think it is for the best that Dan won. Sorry Haley! B came in next and then Matt (who probably would have won if I had posted it at 2 in the morning, instead of at like 8). Coming in 4 days later was pops, and that was all the guesses. No one guessed wrong! On hindsight, I probably went with a pretty easy line for quote one, but I really didn't think it would get so many correct guesses! Oh well, easy ones are fun too sometimes, makes it more of a race instead of hurting our brains.

Take it away Dan! (ya monkey, closing that gap of ours again)

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Dan W said...

Yep, Lorri sitting next to me pretty quickly after it posted was the secret this week. I'll see if she wants to control the playlist.

I've got a great one to do this week. I held back answering Matt's query about M. Night S films like the Village and Unbreakable because I thought of the film I'm going to do the contest on when thinking about how I want to respond to him and use the movie I'm going to do as part of the broader framing I want to give in my answer. So take this as a clue if you want. It's a pretty obscure clue at this point, but I think it will make sense after this week's contest and my responding to Matt then.

Watch for new game to begin later today!