Saturday, April 2, 2011


WHAT THE BIP? What's with the mirror image, anybody. It's the first time I tried to use the Photobooth program on my computer. I'm lagging behind in tecknowledgey (sp) and lots of thing for that matter. But... here is this guy with both books and wondering which one to read first. That answer is easy because I have already read a little more than half of the Poisonwood Bible and must finish it. Stunning book, peeps. Go for it when you have a chance. I gotta finish it soon to get to Cronin's Passage. Have a good week.....ebau


Emily said...

All I am able to do is shake my head and laugh.

Cat said...

Oh, Dad. You are too cute. Thanks for the giggle.

Amy said...

What the heck?! That's so funny, Dad.