Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toy Story!!

Toy Story!! Such a great movie. I watched this one and the second one this year, so I would be prepared for the third one. I hadn't seen it since it came out, I forgot how funny this movie is! Am I the only one that thinks Buzz Lightyear looks a bit like Alex in this picture?

No one guessed with the first clue, then everyone guessed with the second clue. All my correct guesses except for one, came in within an hour and half of the first correct guess. Who was that first one? It was Dan! Then Emily, Haley, Alex, Amy and Matt. I didn't realize that second quote was so recognizable.

Way to go Dan! You and Alex are now tied!


Emily said...

I just had a huge laugh about the Alex/Buzz thing. He totally looks like him- and not just that picture. The second I read that, I didn't even need to look at the picture to start laughing cause I was just like- yep! She's right! Blast though on being second.

Dan W said...

Woo hoo! Glad I was up early the morning Sue posted! That's been the key a few times when I won.

I'm at BYU today but will try to get the new one posted tonight or first thing tomorrow. Better ponder the playlist, though, so you can have an extra day or two of Sue's cool ones.

Too funny on Alex and Buzz!

Sue said...

Haha. I am at work and just updated who won and who the runners up were, etc. And it put spaces everywhere! So, my work computer doesn't put spaces where I want them and then puts them where I don't want them!

I'll fix it when I get home, unless someone else wants to before that.

I didn't notice that about Alex and Buzz until I posted the picture. It made me laugh so hard.

Dan W said...

I gave it a quick fix, Sue. Thanks for updating!

Sure hope someone other than George, Em, and Alex win! Quite the race in the standings!

Alex said...!/photo.php?fbid=167512356610651&set=t.1250599484&theater

You're not the first one to notice.

Amy said...

Totally Alex and Buzz! Too funny. I love that 2nd quote.