Friday, November 21, 2008

Cinderella Man

3 1/2 - Stars

Well, I did it, I watched it last night. I thought it would be best, and I could avoid some awkward questions this weekend if I watched it before I left and had to face you all in person. The movie was very good. The story was excellent, the first 45 minutes however, I was like, "who is making me watch such a depressing movie!?" Cold, sick, starving kids make me sweat a little. But it all worked out. For how much I don't enjoy watching sports at all, I sure love me a good sport's movie (even boxing!)
With that being said, no one told me I would get to see Russell Crowe taking
punches for two hours! I knocked an entire star off my rating for having it star Crowe, but added a half of a star because I got to watch him get punched. I like Paul Giamatti, and thought he did an excellent job in this, as did Renee Zelweger.
I think I handled my first Russell Crowe movie pretty good, a little better then I had anticipated. Sometimes I had to just distance myself from him and concentrate hard
on the character he was portraying, sometimes I was just plain ok with him. And sometimes, his little Old Time New York Accent needed to be smacked out of him (and then it would be).
I don't like him any better then I did yesterday, but I now feel like maybe I can watch another movie he is in if it's REALLY GOOD. I know you lot are all in love with ever
y Russell Crowe movie ever made, so we will have to see.

Some examples of some looks I would like to see smacked off his face:


Marcus and Haley Crook said...

Good job! I'm glad you finally watched it. I haven't seen the whole thing, I need to do that. Next for you should be A Beautiful Mind, that is one of my favorite movies, I think you would really like it. Haha, I wouldn't mind those smirks getting smacked off either.

Sue said...

I certainly don't love every movie he's ever made. I'm with you Em, he is not my favorite person. He threw a cell phone at a hotel worker! Anyway, I've only seen 3 of his movies. Cinderlla Man, I liked a lot. Gladiator, eh. And 3:10 to Yuma, one of my favorite movies! I love Christian Bale! And Crowe was really good in it too. So if you can handle a western, please watch it, it is a really good movie. I recommended it to dad and when he finally watched it he sent me a text that said "saw 3:10 to Yuma last night yummy!"

Anyway, it's 3:30 where are you guys? We need to get to WY to see Twilight!!!!

Pops said...

Waytogo, Ems! Nice review and I agree with most if not all you said. Hahaha on Crowe getting smacked around. He is a lout in real life, but I do admire his acting in most of his movies. The scene in Cinderella Man where he is at the men's club begging for 47 dollars or something like that to pay his electric bill was just too much for me. So well done and as a man with a family to feed and care for it just blew me away it was so real and gripping. Well done, Russell...

B said...

I LOVED Beautiful Mind. Matt and I stayed up ALL night long after we watched it together, and just talked about it, and Matt, and how he related to it. It was a pretty monumental point in our relationship. I really admire him as an actor, it's too bad he's not the best guy. Em, please watch this. It's an AMAZING story.

I almost want to watch a Niccy Cage movie just so I can post a similar post about the facial expressions that I want Russel to knock off his face.

Matt said...

Ha ha! these pictures are hilarious!! They don't bother me much, but I can see how they could, if that makes any sense. Yes, I concur on Beautiful Mind. Em, I know you will like it for the story and all around movie making talent.

Emily said...

Sue, it was a desk phone, not a cell phone - which is worse! I love Christian Bale too! May have to see 3:10 to Yuma just for him. Yummy... -Haha. Dad.

Dad: I too was very impressed with the scene where he has to go to his old associates and beg for money just to pay his electric bill. Knowing men, that had to cost him more pride then most would be willing to give up. It was very powerful.

Matt and B and Haley: I will consent to see A Beautiful Mind, but give me a little time in between. I need some recovery time. I also want to give B a little bravo for watching a Nic Cage movie with us this weekend (Moonstruck). You done good.

Pops said...

Good on you, Ems! faced up to Russell Crowe and survived. Do see A Beautiful Mind, a most thoughtful and supprising movie. Jennifer Connelly is good in it as the wife. Just a reminder to you Peeps...I am getting Cat Balou tomorrow from netflix. Try to work that in your movie seeing schedule. You will love Kid Shaline or I don't understand your sense of humor. Most of the movie is just fluff and even dopey, but Lee Marvin is the best!