Monday, November 24, 2008


4 stars

FYI for anyone reading this that may not know-- I (Emily), Sue and Cath drove out to Wyoming for the sole purpose of watching this movie on opening weekend with our other sister Amy, her daughters, my mom and dad (mom was sick, so didn't end up going) and our brother (Matt) and his wife (B). We thought it would be a lot of fun to be able to see it together. Plus, we like any excuse to spend the weekend with the fam, that is always a good time.

I thought it only wright that someone did a review of this movie, since most of us saw it together. I'm going to try to do a collective review, that includes what we all thought. I can do this since we spent so much time talking about it afterwords (hee hee). As a whole, we all liked it. I don't think we have ever all agreed with each other so much! Here are the thoughts we all had on some particular points of the movie:

Pattinson: We all loved him!! Upon first hearing he was cast, I was on board 100%. I was familiar with him from his role in Harry Potter (Cedric Diggory) and it just clicked with me. We agreed that he has a very intense face and it worked well with Edward. Some had a slight problem with his eyebrows, but he was forgiven (not me! Loved the eyebrows). We all very much liked his hair. Very much. The only execption to our love of Pattinson was Sarah, she has been against him from the start, he was nowhere near her interpretation of Edward, not that any of us know what that is exactly, as she is unable to explain it properly. After seeing it, she admitted that he did a good job, but still.....

Stewart: She totally nailed the look of Bella we thought. There were a couple of times for me, where she seemed a little awkward (and not in a Bella way, just awkward), but I didn't hold it against her too much. I saw her on Letterman a few days before, and that is how she talked in real life, so I guess that is just her. It wasn't detrimental though, so no big thing.

The rest of the Cullens: We LOVED Jasper and found him so funny! We thought Emmette and Rosalie were perfect (we were skeptical of Rosalie before we saw it, but were won over quickly upon seeing the picture). Esme was great (very small part), Alice, I wasn't totally in love with, but I'll live. Our biggest problem was Carlise. I think we all agreed that he nailed the part, but he looked wierd. I really like Peter Facinelli, I just thought the blond hair was strange looking and compromised his look quite a bit. I am now thinking that's really shallow of me since I thought he played the part very well, so I have decided to let go the problem I had, and just say that I was happy with him.

The Quiluetes: I thought Billy was perfect. Jacob too, our only concern is how many power shakes are they going to have to force down that kid to prep him for New Moon?

Charley: That actor did a great job. I thought he portrayed him perfectly, yet he wasn't at all what I pictured, but I adjusted nicely. I seemed to have the most trouble with him.

Edward's diamond skin: We (excepting Kelly) were really happy about how they did that. How Edward acted before and after was a little -eh-, but the effect itself was better then I expected. Let me just say, that the moment I heard they were doing a movie, this was my first thought - How cheesey it will be to see the diamond skin. I thought that no matter how they did it, it would look terrible and just weird visually. But they made me eat my words. I thought they did it very subtle and was impressed that it wasn't over the top. So bravo!

The baseball scene: We enjoyed this scene very much, we did think they could have spent more time showing it, it was a little short. We all seemed to like the song (supermassive black hole - Muse) and thought it went great with the scene. We also really liked Alice's pitching.

Spider monkey: Yeah, we really liked that line.

Edward's Volvo: Most found it too wimpy looking. We expected a more sporty looking Volvo. Sue called it "hatch-backy" and that sums it up pretty well.

Overall: We thought they did a great job of adapting this book into a movie. It is hard to make everyone happy (impossible I should say) but I think they made wise decisions on what to leave out and what to add. I cringed a few times, but it seemed to be more with the directing then specific actors. I think a different director might be a good thing, but I can live with this one I suppose. Two members of the family attended that hadn't read the books: Matt and Scott. Scott has heard a lot about them from his wife and daughters, and Matt probably a little from his wife (and sisters). Both of them really enjoyed it! Matt is even planning to read Twilight when he is done with Les Mis whenever that might be. He thought the story was really interesting and cool. While watching it, I didn't think anyone that hadn't read the books could possibly like it, but I was very happy to hear that they did. I guess I was wrong. It's good to be wrong sometimes.

I am sure I have left some stuff out, but I pretty much wrote this so we had a place to continue discussing the movie if we'd like (comments). So no worries, whatever I missed, I am sure we will discuss it fully below.

I am so glad we took the time to go out there so we could all see it together! That was a great idea I had. Yes, I'm smart. I had a lot of fun seeing everyone! Hope the Phisters and Co are having fun at Disneyland this week. Ride Splash Mountain for me.


Pops said...

Nice review, Ems! you are way better than that Jeffs guy on Deseret News. I am with you all the way, even on Charlie, but Jake did look way to small a guy to grow up so big so fast. We'll see what they do with special effects next movie. No big thing, but as a car guy, I was dissapointed that her old Chevy truck didn't make more exhaust noise like in the book. It would have been easy to do. Fun to have you in Wyoming last weekend.

Sue said...

Nice Em! I was hoping someone would do a posting about it. You summed it up well and even mentioned the small things we observed like the eyebrows, which I had no problem with, and the hatch-backy volvo! And I totally agree with Dad, they should have made Bella's truck louder. It only like back fires once in the school parking lot. That loud truck really added to Bella's awkwardness of starting at a new school.

Dad you must be referring to Jeff Vice of the Deseret News. He does the movie reviews once a week on the radio station Cat and I listen to. We can't stand him! He hates everything! And he has one of those nasally voices that I can't stand.

One thing you didn't mention Em is how much we all really liked James. And that we all pretty much had a problem that they made Victoria's hair more blonde than red. Remember after the movie when we were all around Amy's kitchen island talking about it and Matt asked what was wrong with her hair and we all yelled "it's red!" and he said "wow, that was in stereo". It seems like dying someone's hair red wouldn't be that expensive so I just don't get it.

And now that I'm reading Breaking Dawn finally, I now know why I pictured a Charles Ingalls looking guy as playing Charley. It's because he has curly hair! One of the things Bella notices about Nessie (I refuse to call her by her real name!), is that she has curly hair like Charley. (by the way, you didn't tell me that her middle name is combo of Carlisle and Charley!aughaughaugh!)

Emily said...

I totally missed James!! Yes, we thought he was super cool. That was actually what made me the most excited when I saw my first trailer of the movie. I was like, "holy crap! He is way cooler then the James who was in my head". Also Victoria's hair. That was funny when we all attacked Matt with the "it's red!" comment. It is going to mess up the part in New Moon when Bella sees her hair in the water and thinks it's fire (or something).

Nessie it is. I totally forgot about Carley! Eeeehhhhh. Dang Mormons. At least that one is actually a name, but I protest the principle behind it.

Sue said...

"I protest the principal behind it" hahahahaha!

I forgot about that scene where Bella sees Victoria's hair in the water. That is a great scene! Why the bip didn't they give her fiery red hair?

Cat said...

I can't wait to see how they do the Volturi. Incidentally, the picture posted of Edward is kind of retarded.

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

Yes, that picture is lame. They made him look really weird. I am very interested to see what they do with New Moon. Especially about the wolf changing and things like that. I really liked the Charlie, he was more pleasant and better looking than I imagined him. I want to see the baseball scene again! Annie saw it last night, and she really liked it!

Emily said...


Cat said...

Oh, yeah. That's much better! Especially the last one.

Emily said...

The last one made me laugh the hardest.

Cat said...

Maybe he just doesn't photograph well.

Sue said...

I like the new pictures too! He looks like he's about 10 in the second one down.

Emily said...

I know! That must be amongst his first head shots. Hee hee.

Pops said...

hahaha, mom and I are trying to go see the movie this afternoon or evening. I can now look for the little hidden things I missed the first time and you guys are talking about. It dosen't help when you only hear about a third of the dialog. We ought to put Matt on a time table to finish Les Mis. I may be passed on to the great Wright coven in the sky before he finishes it the way he is going. Sorry bippy Matt. I think it is so cute you are trying and getting much out of the long ol' thing.