Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We just can't let politics infest this family blog.  I hate the botched Iran war.  G. W. Bush has been a poor if not awlful president for at least the last 7 years.  Both parties in Congress have let the country down and if I had my way, I would sweep all the #%$@&*% out of office.  Our so called leaders let the crooks get away with all those millions of dollars and now the taxpayers and your kids the taxpayers will be paying for the bailout for ever!  I'll give Obama a chance and see what he will do.  I just hope some redneck, skinhead, #%&*$% doesn't try to shoot him.  Would that ever be a disaster for the whole country.
     Since I made a pol statement on this posting, you can go ahead and say what you like, but let's commit to comments only on this post.  Shirley, lets not let politics ruin our fun times and interesting comments that we have had going for the last two months or so.  I love you all, you nerdlings, and wish you happiness and prosperity and love and health.  


Emily said...

I'm pretty sure no one in this little political debate is getting heated. I'm not, I think we all respect each other and we don't let such things spoil our relationship like many families.

I only smacked Matt down a little for calling me a democrat.

Sorry, I posted another wee post on Sues picks that was politically minded before I saw this.

It would be really awful to have our first black president shot by a skinhead. I must say, I giggle when I think of how they must be feeling and I am proud our country has seen fit to get a little color into the oval office.
If McCain had been elected, some crazy woman's lib nut-job could have tried to do the same thing...

I might as well say, besides being a "bit" of an idiot, I didn't mind old GW. I think the people he was surrounded by were evil though.

And pops, stop calling us shirley!

Sue said...

You raised a bunch of passionate little nerdlings! By the way, the war is in Iraq, not Iran, and let's hope it stays that way.

I too am very proud that our country voted a black man into the office. I have felt very proud about it all day. And man he totally creamed him! Sorry. I told Cam tonight one of the good things that might come out of this is it might give hope to a lot of young black kids. Most of them join gangs because they just don't think there are any opportunities for them. I bet a lot of parents told their 10 year old boys today "that could be you someday". And I think that is really cool. Now they have a President to look up to instead of some stupid athlete that has dog fights.

Okay dad, I'm done. I love you and quit calling me Shirley!

B said...

Yay! Ok, my turn. I thought both candidates did not have enough talent or knowledge to pull us out of this incredibly scary financial crisis Washington got us into. Romney was the guy for the job. He came to Riverton, and it makes my stomach hurt to think of all the good he could have done in office. He was BRILLIANT!!!

Between Obama and McCain... McCain was my least favorite of the Republican candidates, which I tend to favor. (I was a registered Democrat, now I'm a registered Republican). He's totally a grumpy old war monger. Obama is better than Hilary, let me say that. I too am really proud that we have our first black president. I think a lot of changes are going to happen fast once he gets into office, and that could be fun to watch. He's got some ideas that are pretty stupid, but what can I do. I live in Wyoming.

Pops said...

Sorry about the Iran, Iraq slip. I do know better, but my typing fingers don't hear my brain sometimes. I got my picture taken with Romney at the airport and he is a pretty cool guy. I agree with B about McCain and he wasn't my choice among the candidates on the Rep. side. I don't think he is a warmonger, but he did serve and fought and had that experience as a POW, but all who served in the millitary are not hawks. I am the most peace loving ex-marine I know. But fighting for our country and the treaties we have signed and against terrorism and our rights, is not bad stuff in my mind. Shirleys!