Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, this must be the year to join the idiot club! We, too, are getting a puppy. We have talked about this for a long time. Milo is living on borrowed time. He is 12 1/2 years old and though, we can't bear the thought of losing our incredible loving and faithful friend, we know that it will happen in the near future. He still seems to be in good health and we hope he can still enjoy a good quality of life for sometime. We wanted to get another dog to give him a little company in his old age and to help us when the time does come. We are getting a Male Newfoundland on Saturday from Great Falls Montana. (MoosePeakNewfoundlands.com if you want to check the parents and litter out.) We are meeting them in Billings, MT. I have always loved Newfoundlands and have wanted one since I was a kid. They are beautiful, huge, sweet, gentle dogs. The more I read about them and look at pictures, the more in love I am with that breed. I'm so excited! We are even planning on having him be an inside dog (I KNOW!! WHAT?) We have learned from other owners that Newfies are miserable if they are not WITH their loved ones. They become destructive outside. They are very obedient and easy to train, but I'm aware that it will require a lot more of my time and attention to do it right and keep our house clean and hairless! Anyway, here are some pictures I uploaded from the breeder's website and I will post more pictures after we get him. We will also reveal the name we think we have decided on!!! We think you will love it! Here is our new baby! (His name is Pumpkin on the website, I know-lame). They were born on November 20. They will be 8 weeks on Friday.

Our puppy at 6 weeks.

5 weeks
Another exciting change in our home is that, as most of you know, Alex moved in on Saturday! We are really enjoying having him here. We have laughed so much and the best is getting Alex to laugh almost like you, Dan! It just gets us all laughing even harder. He has been so great. I mean that, Dan. He has been a perfect gentleman; very polite and helpful. Yesterday we drove around showing him the town and picking up job applications. Most places don't seem to be hiring right now, but we found a couple of possibilities. He is taking the Compass test and registering for classes today. Fun times in the Phister home!


Haley said...

Fun fun! He is getting so big and cute, can't wait to see him! Wish we could get over there this weekend but can't. Post lots of pictures! We are excited for you guys. Glad Alex is enjoying is so far, I loved CWC. I think he will fit in great there.

Emily said...

He looks GIANT in that little girl's arms! Can't wait to see him someday.

Great Danes are the same way- they are miserable if they aren't always around the ones they love- thus she is inside also. In fact yesterday, we were upstairs most of the day me- cleaning and Scout played up there and Rob was on the computer in the office and Lola (whom isn't allowed up there) sat on the top step for hours. She would rather be there with us within a short distance, then have the whole downstairs to herself. It's going well for the most part, some days I rue the day I joined the idiot's club, but as a whole it's been fun. I can't wait for spring though when she can romp around outside for a bit.

Amy said...

January is a terrible time to get a puppy. Taking it out to go potty a million times will be a major pain! Oh, well. I'll survive.

Pops said...

Advice from another idiot club member. Our Chester was born Oct. 12, so he is about 5 weeks older than your huge, soon to be enjoyed, pup. Chester is all housebroken now. He hasn't had a slip up in two weeks now. A pet door is nearly a must for a house dog, but I don't know where you guys would have one installed. The pic of your Newfy is fantastic. What big legs and feet and head. He will be something to behold. Can't wait to get our two pups together and see what they do.

Emily said...

Have fun getting the pup!!