Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday's With Sue!! Finally! Or, is it Finale?

Christmas Vacation! A movie, that for some reason, I hadn't seen until Cam's mom gave it to me a few years ago when she noticed I didn't own any Christmas movies except Elf. I don't know how or why I had missed this one. I guess I'm really not into a lot of Christmas movies. For example, I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life either. Please don't jump down my throat for that, just let it be.

And no, I didn't forget, I've just been uber busy. And as Dan guessed when he emailed me a week ago, a little burned out on Sunday's With Sue. I really haven't been on the computer much at all in the last couple of weeks. I signed up for a bunch of overtime the week between Christmas and New Years, so the thought of coming home and looking at a computer was out of the question. And, as most of you know by now, Dave moved in with me and Cam on New Years Day! It is very nice having him here. It's been pretty busy around here since Dave got here. I've been working a lot and we've been busy trying to get the house situated so Dave has his own space and feels comfortable. I think we are getting there. Now I just need to take down all the Christmas stuff so I can have my living room back. I have today off, so I finally have some time to do some much needed things around the house and do the SWS post.

Anyway, enough about me! As I mentioned above, I have gotten a little burned out doing Sunday's With Sue. I've been doing it for over a year, and it's kind of lost it's fun on me. But, don't worry, I've been thinking about it, and I think I came up with a fun way we can keep it going. I've gotten Em's and Dan's approval, and I think the rest of you will like the new way. Here is what I propose:

The current week's winner, which in this case is Em of course, will post the next movie quote. Then the winner of that one, will do the next one, and so on. That way someone like Emily can't dominate the winnings and I can play along too. I think this is a nice way of giving everyone a fair shot, and it will probably bring up movies that I would never think of. We could even expand the game more so if someone would like to do a trivia question instead of a quote they can. What do you guys think? I like the idea, and Em and Dan like it, so I'm taking charge and saying this is how we are going to do it moving forward.

I use google images for the movie pictures. Just go to google, click on images, and type in the movie title. It's as easy as that. And here is the link I use for the quotes. http://moviequotes.com Just click on "quote bank" and it brings up a box with the letters of the alphabet and you click on the first letter of the movie's title. Sometimes when the movie starts with "The" it is under "T", but sometimes it's under the first letter of the next word. Christmas Vacation was actually under "N" for National Lampoon's, so you sometimes have to figure out how they have the movie titled. But, I have found this site to be the one with the most movies listed. IMDB also has quotes, and I've used it a couple of times, so does Wikipedia.

I think we should name it something new too. I think it would be silly to keep calling it Sunday's With Sue. Anyone have ideas for a new name? It could be the Wright Movie Game, or the Wright's Super Happy Fun Movie Game, or whatever. If you think of a name, put it in the comments and we will all discuss.

As I said Em was first to guess Christmas Vacation. When I went into my email folder where I file all the SWS guesses, the emails in there were from the last SWS. Oops! I guess I really wasn't into it! I do know that Em guessed first and I remember B and Dan guessed. If anyone else did, sorry I forgot.

So Em, take the reigns!


Haley said...

This will be fun! I really like your idea Sue. It's fun to do new things. Glad you're back Sue! Not jumping down your throat but It's a Wonderful Life is so great and definitely worth watching!

Dan W said...

Woo hoo! Great to have you back, Sue! Hadn't heard the news about Dave moving in with you. Wonderful! Can't wait to get a chance to bump into all of you soon.

On that same sort of front, officially for any of you who haven't heard, let me confirm that Alex is headed for Riverton at the end of this week to stay with the Phisters and give Central Wyoming College a go. We're excited for him and how his gap on the job front parlayed itself into his joining in all the Thanksgiving fun and then how some conversations there about long-term planning (and some generous hearts in the Phisters) led to this new pathway. Woo hoo!

Anyway, as Sue mentioned, I love this idea for revamping the game. I haven't got an opinion on what to suggest for a name yet (I'll get to some brainstorming soon) but before we leave SWS forever I just wanted to congratulate Emily for her amazing play (amazing memory and movie knowledge)! Wow! Can anyone think of a proper kind of trophy or something to use to commemorate her championship?

Looking forward to the first round of the new game soon!

Emily said...

I've only ever seen snippets of It's a Wonderful Life, but I know the story well enough just from being alive.
So, I have to say that I am SHOCKED I won. I really didn't even think I had it right until I asked B last week what it was. I am not sure I have ever seen it all the way through. So this was more of a lucky guess. Anyway I am excited about the new format and have kind of felt sorry for Sue having to do this the last few months. I propose that we think of a new name, crown me the SWS champ (perhaps my "trophy" could be a little plaque of sorts on the side somewhere commemorating SWS and my mad skills at it (hee hee) and start everyone at zero again and keep the playlist thing (that is fun).
Do we keep it at Sunday? Would another day of the week make anyone's life easier?
I'd also like to give Sue a huge bippin' thanks for doing this and coming up with it. It has been a great weekly game on the blog and made our little family blog LOTS more fun.

B said...

I VOTE WRIGHT'S SUPER HAPPY FUN AND EXCITING MOVIE GAME!!! And a big "Arr, me likey" to Sue for being so awesome and knowing so many movies and taking care of Dave!! I've had fun, even though I've gotten about 1 percent right... I was thinking that the winner should take over too... then it's fun for everyone!! Sunday works good for me too, or maybe Saturday? So that people who fall asleep at 7 on Sunday could have a chance to see the quote late at night on Saturday.

And I have never seen It's a Wonderful Life either... I don't think I even know the plot either (sheltered child). I always get it confused with that Italian movie where the dad tries to hide how bad WWII is from his son by being all cute and happy (I haven't seen that one either, but want to really bad!! Does anyone know what I'm talking about and/or what it's called?!). So anyways, that's my two cents... Oh, and dang you Em for beating me!! Runner-up again!!!

Sue said...

Glad you guys all like the new way to do this. I don't really care what day of the week it's done, as long as it's done in the evening. The internet nanny at my work doesn't allow us to get on sites like our blog, so if it is posted during the day, I wouldn't be able to see it until the evening. Therefore, my chances of getting it Wright first, would suck.

And Dan, YES! Dave moved in with me and Cam! He sent me an email New Year's Eve afternoon. He asked me that if he were to move to Utah in the next few days, would he be able to stay with me for awhile. He just wasn't finding any work in Reno. I emailed him back and said that was totally cool he could stay as long as he likes. He emailed me back that he was leaving the next morning and would be here in the afternoon! It happened very quickly, and I couldn't be happier. It is so cool to come home from work and see Dave at my house.

Emily said...

I am sorry for beating you B, I didn't mean to. The movie you are referring to is "Life is Beautiful" and it is excellent and sad and really really worth seeing. Benigni is in some other mad cappish Italian movies that I remember being pretty funny one of note would be one where a banana is mistaken for a gun (or something like that, it's been a while).
I can see how if you haven't seen either and are sheltered, the two titles could be easily confused.

Haley said...

Both are awesome! I love Life is Beautiful, amazing movie.That's cool that Dave moved in with you guys Sue. Hopefully we'll be able to see him more often now.

Dan W said...

I second the thanks to Sue for hosting this game for so long! Way, way fun. Lots of great conversation generated by it even when clueless about the film.

A few possible titles for the new game:

The Flick Is All Wright

WTB Movie is This?

Films Never to See at the ACME (This one is in honor of our New Moon experience at that fine, fine theater)

Films Even Pops Should Know

I also like the Super Happy Fun one...

Matt said...

I love "WTB movie is this?" Good one Dan.

Oh SWS... You've been bitter/sweet. There was a time long ago when Em and I were neck and neck. (Possibly thanks to her pregnancy) Although I hated the frustration of almost always having it on the tip of my tongue! Loved the game. So fun! I also want to thank Sue for taking the time to make this blog as awesome as it has been. It wasn't easy I'm sure. These posts take time! Not to mention keeping everyones guesses in order, finding quotes, deciding on which movie, etc.
Excited for the change up. Starting over on the scoring is a good idea. I am making a resolve to play no matter what this time, even if I know I'm not the winner, I am still going to submit my late guess when I know it.

Amy said...

Nice to have some action on the blog again! Thanks, Sue, for everything, it's been great. I ditto everyone's comments. I'm so glad Dave is there and looking forward to seeing him.
Bronwyn, we have both of those movies (on VHS). I love them both. "It's a Wonderful Life" has always been one of Scott's very favorite movies and I
I've seen it several times. It's long, but great. (I actually can't believe I've seen a movie that Sue hasn't!) The new idea sounds great and I think we have to go with "WTB Movie is This?". That's my vote anyway.

Pops said...

I almost quit looking at the blog it was so flat for the last few weeks. I knew Sue was burning out on the movie quiz thing. I think we should still call it Sunday with Sue. What the BIP works also. But in memorandum to Sue and the fun we had, I suggest SWS forever. I'm mucho happy Dave is in Utah. Hope to see him when Mom and I get down there on the 16 or 17th of Jan. It should be fun Having Alex up here with the Wyoming peeps.

Cat said...

I like the WTB one, too. That's funny and so Wright.

Sue said...

That's nice of all of you to thank me like that. I did enjoy doing SWS, but I think it will be more fun to participate and have it a more interactive game. I have a feeling I'm going to be just terrible at it.

I love the WTB name. I vote for that.

Emily said...

I vote for WTB too. Upon first reading this last SWS post I was already thinking that we should keep the name as a homage to SWS, but on a few minutes reflection I decided I would be for changing it and starting something totally new and having some sort of SWS commemoration on the side of the blog. I also kind of like the idea of Saturday night unless there is anyone without internet at home and therefore would not be able to participate until Mon morning, if that is the case I take that back.

Emily said...

I just added a handy little feature to the blog. It's a search tool you can type a word in and it will search the blog. I think this will come in handy very much in a few ways, but mostly because I wanted to know if a certain movie was ever featured on SWS and I had to go through 56 posts to see. Since we don't all have access to Sue's spreadsheet she referred to a few times, we will need something to jog our memories.
Anyway, enjoy the new feature.

Haley said...

I like Saturday night better as well.

Cat said...

Sweet, Em! I'm so glad, I've always wished there was a search feature. Sometimes with our tangential comments, you forget where to go back and read one thing or another. This will be great.