Saturday, January 9, 2010

WTB Movie is this?

Here we go-- What the Bip Movie is This: take one.

Person #1: Three.
Person #2: Two and a half!
Person #1: Oh, all right, two and a half.
Person #2: All right, three.
Person #1: Aw, thanks Eddie.
Person #2: You win. Three and a half.
Person #1: Oooooooo, thank you Eddie!

I am planning to keep SWS's schedule of Wed and Fri hints-
Friday's being a real last ditch effort.

You may mail guesses to or
message my facebook.

Good luck!


Dan W said...

Sounds dang familiar. Ack!

Great to have a game going again!

Emily said...

Wednesday hint:

Man #1: Three times I've told you, it's too slow! Don't you understand, it's too slow. I want it faster, alright? Faster. Da da da da, all right? Boom boom boom boom!

Man #2: We can hear the "boom boom" in here, darling. It really sounds wonderful...

Matt said...

This is driving me crazy!! I know I know it!!!!

Emily said...

I've had a few wrong guesses and a few wright ones...... this one should clue many of the wrongs ones in:

Person #1: Honey what happened? What was that all about?

Person #2: When a Jew mourns somebody dead, they tear a piece of their clothing.

Person #1: Who's dead?

Person #2: I am.