Saturday, January 23, 2010

What the Bip Movie is this?

This is Cat. I'm at Em's house to post the results of this week's contest. First of all, the movie in question was 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Em guessed incorrectly at first, but recanted and guessed Wright and she won! Sue guessed incorrectly (Super Troopers) and then Dan guessed Wright! Good job guys, it was kind of a hard one. I love this movie so much. I love at the end when the family joins Olive on stage and dances with her. It just makes me smile. Sorry no picture, and a lame post, but I've gotta go! So Em, it's to you.


Dan W said...

Great movie, for sure, but definitely quite adventurous (probably too much so for many tastes here). Agree that the scene where they all rally behind Olive and dance in the face of all the outrage at the contest is a fantastic depiction of real love of family, even when the family is majorly dysfunctional. Sounds very familiar.

Congrats, again, Em. Ugh to be runner-up again (feeling like Alydar to your Affirmed) but another genuine, admiring nod toward your movie genius!

Pops said...

I liked this movie the second time I saw it at Matts suggestion. But, it still isn't my kind of movie. Some good funny bits, though!! Nice win Ems.