Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcus!!

Happy Birthday today to Marcus! He turns 24 today and I keep teasing him that the only reason I'm excited for his birthday is because we will get cheaper car insurance. Of course I'm kidding but that is a nice bonus! Well, I'm glad that a lot of you have been able to get to know Marcus better the last few years. He really is an amazing person. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father. He works really hard at work and school and also helps me so much at home. Allison LOVES her daddy SO much! Here are some pictures of Marcus:

That is Marcus on the left with his sister and brother

Marcus with his sister Nia

Us going to prom in 2005

Marcus dancing with his little sister at his brother's wedding

Marcus on his mission with some of his good friends from his mission

At our wedding

This is a common Marcus face :)

Marcus and Allison

At the Rose Bowl watching his beloved Oregon Ducks!

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Love You, Kisses!!!


Amy said...

Oh, cute post Haley. Happy Birthday Marcus! You're the best son-in-law I've ever had. Thanks for taking such good care of Haley and thanks for the cutest little granddaughter ever! Have a fun day.

Pops said...

Hey, Marcus, Happy birthday to you. You are my favorate great Grandson-in-law or what ever you are to me and Jane. Love you and your sweet wife and daughter.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Marcus! You are a great husband to Haley and glad you are part of the crew.

White tux huh? Hee hee. So what is up with Nia! She looks exactly the same and you are obviously a LOT younger-- what kind of strange time warp is she caught in? Gimmie some of that.

Oh, and that first pic is adorable.

Haley said...

HAHA! That's so funny. That was probably like 10-15 years ago! Yeah that first pic is cute, I have some way cute ones of him as a kid but I can't get them onto my computer! There were a lot of pics I wanted to put on here but couldn't figure it out.