Saturday, April 10, 2010

WTB--Here we go again!

Love Wayne's World. Hard not to find quotes from that one that wouldn't have given it to me. I'll take the tie and the chance to run the game this week, though I know you are all upset not to hear my tasty tunes this week....

Good luck everyone. Here we go with the new contest:

You're LINT! You're a FLEA! You're a BLIP!


Dan W said...

Crickets so far on this one, so you are all still in it!

Here is clue 2:

What you don't want to eat is donuts. No donuts.


This clue is also a bit obscure unless you know this movie well and it jogs your memory from it being on the tip of your tongue from the first clue, so if no one sends me good guesses by tomorrow, I'll throw in an extra (and more obvious than these first two) Thursday clue. Then Friday I will basically give it away to anyone who has seen and liked the movie.

Dan W said...

I will add a quick hint for this clue above. It is said in the film by a very famous person doing a cameo and playing himself in this movie.

Dan W said...

Still no guesses, so you are all still in it to win it.

Here is a memorable scene from the movie that I hope will jog loose some guesses:

Person 1: Go!
Person 2: Go, go!
Person 3: [raising a fist to group of people he is speaking to as he says] Go, go, go!


I have two quotes in mind that will for sure give it away tomorrow to those who have seen this one, so today's the day to win this sucker...

Dan W said...

In the above clue, it is more like Person 3 is pumping his fist than raising it (don't want you to think he's angry).

Emily said...

street tar and summer-- they play a trick on your soul!

Dan W said...

Okay, here is Friday's clue (at least the first one--depending on if I get an acceptable number of guesses). It should jog a memory or two if you've seen the film:


And we're walking, and we're walking, and we're stopping.


Fun fact/hint: The scene in which the line above was delivered was filmed in the lobby of a fancy building at the Claremont Colleges while I was a student there (between 1990 and 1994).

Amy said...

Sorry, Dan, no guesses here.

Dan W said...

Still no wright guesses, so here are a couple more clues. I have to believe a good chunk of you have seen this movie and liked it.

First additional clue:

(talking on phone about why he is going to be missing work for a while): She's great. She's really exotic! She's a princess! She's Polynesian - well, half Polynesian, and half American. She's... Amnesian.

Second additional clue (not from the same scene as the above):

Person 1: Imagine that the entire United States of America is in the car.
Person 2: In the car?
Person 1: In the car!
Person 3: And you've got to get it to the hospital.

Hope these shake loose at least a few guesses!

Dan W said...
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Dan W said...

This is a GREAT movie, and there's no way that none of you haven't seen it. Here is one last chance in order to avoid a stump:

Duane: Dave?
Dave: Yeah?
Duane: I would have taken a bullet for you.
[Dave looks stunned for a moment, then smiles]
Dave: Thanks, Duane.

Send your replies in fast!

Emily said...

I am going to say with a fair amount of certainty that I haven't seen this movie.

Pops said...

It sounds like a buddy cop movie like one with Chris Rock or Martin Lawence in it. I don't see those. I have no idea what movie those quotes are from. Props to you Dan for trying to help us figure it out.

W.V. nopentru Nope and true haha