Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kind of Weird....

Some stranger recommended my blog to this blog interview sight that complies interesting blog from around the web and they interviewed me. Thought you all might be interested to read it and vote for my blog. I guess you win prizes if you are in the top 15 blogs every month. Anyway, just thought I'd try it out. You can read the interview and you can also vote for me (every 24 hours) by clicking a link that is now on the sidebar of my blog.

It's weird, I get a lot of hits from people clicking some "next blog" button. I must happen to fall next in line following some really popular blog, cause I get a lot of hits from everywhere around the world. Wish I knew what that blog was.
I don't know what this is going to do to my blog- maybe nothing- but do I have to be all interesting now?

ps-- for you all that are having a hard time finding the vote button it is toward the top of the page and looks like this:
Here is a link to where you vote, to make it easier.



Dan W said...

Congrats, Em! Read your interview. Most excellent. I was your third vote!

Cat said...

Don't change a thing! Your blog is the best just as it's always been. Now don't get all self-conscious about it!

Sue said...

Very cool Em! Great interview. How do I vote?

Amy said...

That's really cool, Em. Nice interview and I agree with Cat, don't change a thing!