Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt Wright!!!!

Disclaimer: Due to the recent amount of awesome pictures of Matt uploaded to Facebook, which I'm sure you all have seen, I tried to find lesser known pictures of Matt to show the world this awesome person in a different way. However, there are some classics that just had to be added due to sheer amazingness.

Happy Birthday Matt Wright!!!!! I count myself among the most fortunate people on the planet because I get to be your wife!!!!!!! How cool is that??!! I'm sorry this is a day late, but you know as well as I do our busy schedule. So better late than never, wright? For Matt's actual birthday, we went to Taco Bell, and then skipped photography class to go watch a hypnotist, because Matt has been skeptical about hypnotism his entire life. It was awesome, and at one point 3 different groups of hypnotized people sang to Happy Birthday to Matt in "Chinese", garage band style, and opera. It was highly entertaining, and probably the most unique birthday song Matt's ever gotten. Today, we're having presents, Asian Cuisine, and Matt's dissecting a pig in Biology. What could be better?! Here are some pictures of Matt Wright for your viewing pleasure...

Who knew that this drooling little sweetheart would grow up to...

Be extremely popular

Throw himself down large obstacles with only a piece of wood and some wheels under his feet

Be a "Woolies" model and spokesperson

Dress up in pioneer gear so that he could film a bunch of nuts with handcarts walk through the desert

Try to unlock his own front door with his automatic car unlocker device

Have rubber skin

Do inappropriate things to cats with pink bums

Own his very own Nissan Sentra AND videography business

Dance like a maniac, no matter who was watching

Do a phenomenal elf impression

These are just a few of Matt Wright's accomplishments. Among others, he's about the most loving and generous person any of us will have the pleasure of knowing. And one of the funniest. So here's to Matt Wright, our favorite 27 year old ever.

Love you, kisses!!



Haley said...

Good post. I love the one of him dancing, probably my favorite of the bunch. We love you Great Uncle Matt!! Happy Birthday! Wish we could come to Asian Cuisine :)

Haley said...

By the way, in the dancing picture, your arm looks shred long!!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Great pics B. The day you were born was one of the best days of my life little bro.

DLaw said...

Awesome post B. Happy birthday Stix! Love you all!
-David Law

Emily said...

Happy birthday bro, you make life fun.

Amy said...

What would our family be without you, Matt? Not near as fun, sensitive, entertaining,'re the best! It was fun sharing your birthday with you. Oh, and we let you beat us in Settlers last night for your birthday.

Pops said...

I agree with Amy. "What would our family be without you?" You are one of the bright lights in my life. Thank you.... love, pops

Sue said...

I have to tell you guys a story about that elf picture of Matt. One night I woke up in the middle of the night, like 3am or so. For some reason, that picture flashed in my head and I started laughing and I couldn't stop. I was laughing so hard it woke Cam up.

Amy said...

Sue, that's so dang funny! I wish I could spend way more time with you. I know I would laugh a lot more!

Matt said...

Thanks everyone! Best family ever. Love all you guys so much!