Saturday, April 3, 2010

WTB? I Married an Axe Murderer!?

I have always loved this movie. And I know it was watched many times in the Wright house in the early nineties. There are tons of quotable lines that seem to make their way into conversations from time to time, such as "evil.... the freeewwits, of the Deviiil." Or "I do care for apple jacks a great deal" and "We shall dance like children of the night!!"
Yay for B!! She guessed first, then Emily, then Alex, then Dan, then Cath.
Sue and Dan both fell into my little trap... They both guessed Juno after the first "smelled like soup" quote. I LOVE JUNO. We have it on dvd and watch it often and it is also very quotable. There is a line when Beaker says basically the same thing about a girl in his school. I always wonder when I hear it if it is a tribute to So I Married An Axe Murderer. Or if they just stole it? I doubt it. Or maybe nobody even remembered that line. I kinda doubt that too. So, anyway, Sue and Dan, I am still impressed that you guessed Juno, because you were pretty much Wright. Dan changed his guess though after the last hint, knowing that only Mike Myers could be capable of such over the top insults. (I'm sure you knew what movie it was as well Sue, just didn't bother to change your guess or something)
Wow, that was long. Sorry!
Go B!!


Dan W said...

Congrats, B!

Now start a new game!!!!

Dan W said...

Watched this in pieces over the past couple of days through the Watch Instantly option on Netflix. Fun to see it again and to see all the quotations in context. One thing that surprised me was that I had remembered this movie as the place where the famous SNL skit about the store "All Things Scottish" was born, with it's tag line: "If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP!" Apparently not! Oh well!

So I like this movie and all, but what has made it a Wright Classic? What scenes and lines do you guys repeat to each other?

Oh yeah: anyone had haggis? Tried a little on a dare (manhood challenge) in Scotland a few years ago. Yikes!

Dan W said...

Duh! I just re-read the post again and Matt had included what I'd asked about in terms of memorable lines, etc! Sorry!

Amy said...

I've never been aware of this movie being quoted in our family. I've never seen it--not terribly surprising.

Dan W said...

"I do care for Apple Jacks a great deal"... Love it!

Emily said...

I think it's mostly me, Em, and Cath that have seen this movie a lot and love it. The lines I mentioned in the post are still quoted often by myself. And I probably hear the Orange on a tooth pick line at least 3 times a year from random people. Also, I hear the "Piper down... we have a piper...down." a lot too. That was the first thing Alex said when he realized what movie it was.
I had haggis at the scottish festival in Payson. Awful vile stuff. I am always up for a manhood challenge though!

Emily said...

That was really me, Matt... My bad. We are passing around Amy's Mac.

Emily said...

I like how he did the "that was really me" post still checked in as me.