Sunday, April 18, 2010

WTB This Week

Sue, I'm kinda sad I beat you this week (so close!) since you haven't won any yet, therefore have never won any of these ever. Except for that Wizard of Oz post....... So once perhaps (but by default).
Anyway-- good luck with this one folks!

Woman: I can't see!
There's nothing to see really, we're inside a Chinese dragon.

For my musical selections this week, I decided to get back to my roots- my Radiohead roots. I have been into b sides and hard to finds for some time now and decided that this week, I would post the songs that made me fall in love with RH in the first place.
Ahhhhhhhhhh.... first love- isn't it grand?

Plus I added one song for the JWMCC

Also, there is one little giggly surprise and one Pixies song, just cause it's so dern good.


Pops said...

Nice win Ems. I should have gotten it wright at the first. But I am a slug at this game. I am enjoying your playlist for once.

Cat said...


Emily said...

dad- it must be the addition of lol smiley face. jk :) ;) :o .O (cyclops) so, why don't people just do this? Ü lol!


dare I say, Radiohead is starting to rub off on pops?

Cat- JWMCC- Jack White Man Crush Club

Dan W said...

Too funny on the JWMCC! I'm actually liking this batch of RH better, too.... Help!

Emily said...

HAHA! See- like I said, these are the songs that made me fall in love with RH.

This is how it starts, then one day you find yourself knee deep in b sides.

Dan W said...


(Unless you'd like to reconsider a few of my more mainstream favs...?) Ha Ha

Emily said...

Wednesday quote:

Man 1: You see this yellow pill?
Man 2: Yes sir.
Man 1: You know what it's for?
Man 2: What, Judge?
Man 1: To remind me to take this BLUE pill!
Man 2: What's the blue one for, Judge?
Man 1: I don't know. They're afraid to tell me.

Exactly what kind of mainstream favs are we talking about?

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Dan W said...

That clue is way funny!

Mostly just teasing you about your lack of mainstream tastes and trying to keep our culture war going a bit. I love it!

Alex said...

On behalf of the JWMCC, I would like to sincerely thank you for thinking of us and including that little morsel of Jack White goodness on your playlist.

Many thanks,

Alex Wotherspoon
JWMCC Chairman

Emily said...

Friday give away quote (if you've seen the movie):

Woman: Love means never having to say you're sorry.

Man: That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.

Pops said...

I just knew you were going to end with that quote. Don't forget the batting of the womens eyelashes.

Emily said...

For sure! I wanted to start with that quote, but decided to end with it. Love the batting of the eyelashes!

You can laugh- your spineless laugh-- we hope your rules and wisdom choke you!

Dan W said...

Hey, Em: Who won? I'm hoping it was me. I was pretty early and 99.9% sure I had the right answer....