Saturday, October 2, 2010

Matt's WTB revealed 10/2/10

Raising Arizona!!

Em wins again! She and Sue both got it from the first quote, but Em was quicker. Props to both of you for pinpointing this awesome line when H.I.'s friends who broke out of jail are robbing a convenient store and are asking the clerk about a bag of balloons. Haley and then Amy got it from the Wednesday hint quote. Then Dad and Dan on the last bundle. Good work peeps! Awesome movie. Scott and I quote this movie a lot lately, I guess he saw it on cable recently.

Two of my favorite parts are:

In the fight he has with the outlaw friends (John Goodman and whoever the other guy is) in his little trailer home, H.I. (Cage) reaches up with both fists to bash/pound on one of their backs. While attempting this wrestling type move, he scrapes his knuckles on the low- all too familiar stereotypical popcorn ceiling! He stops everything and looks at his knuckles and gives this blood curdling scream shown here:

I know Emily finds this next one equally funny, as I think she quotes this often as well. In the very beginning of the movie when H.I. is talking about how he met his wife, they are showing him getting his mug shots taken from her. After she takes the picture, and the officer is escorting him out of the room, he looks her in the eye and says, "Let me know how those turn out..." and then slaps his butt as he is getting dragged out of the room. HAHAHA!

Those little parts, and when he fly's through the windshield in the car accident are mine and Emily's favorite part of this movie. And an honorable mention would be Ed's (His wife, Holly Hunter) reaction when she first gets the baby. haha! Sobbing: "I LOVE HIM SO HO HO HO MU HU HU HUCH!!!"

All that, and his hair.


Emily said...

Hahahaha! I can't believe you found a picture of him screaming after scraping his knuckles. We totally share favorite scenes from the movie Matt, to the letter.

Yay for winning! Give me a little bit to come up with a new movie.

I can't believe we have never had this movie before! Weird!

Pops said...

Good posting, Matt. Great pictures. The hair, the mustache and his just goofy acting makes the movie. Love shooting the lizzard off the rock. Waytogo, Ems. I can't believe I did not get it off the first quote. I remember the scene in the C. store so well. The mind is mush sometimes.

Amy said...

A classic at our house for sure! Good job Ems (again). But hey, I finally knew one, yay!

B said...

You didn't mentioned that I guessed correctly also. But that was because you told me that you were going to do this movie the next time you won, and you were sitting next to me when you opened Sue's guess. So... it was kind of lame, but I did know it!!

Matt said...

Sorry hun bag

Pops said...

hun bag? I hope that stands for Honey Bagel or something equally nice.