Sunday, October 10, 2010


After a crazy day, I'm finally getting this done. The playlist will have to wait. Here you go:

Person #1: "Hey, where did these old cars come from?"

Person #2: "Detroit"

You guys need some help it seems. Here is your Wednesday clue. Good Luck!

Girl: You did all that damage?
Boy: Don't you know when you make a wish in a shower, it always comes true?
Girl: I shoulda kept my mouth shut!
Boy: Well, we made an agreement. They promised not to beat up on me, and I promised not to get my blood on their clothes.

It's late...I just remembered I needed to do a Friday give-away. It's almost still Friday. Here you go:

Person #1: Wouldn't a fly swatter be easier?
Person #2: Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.
Person #1: Ever catch one?
Person #2: Not yet.

I'll announce the results on Sunday!


Emily said...

Haha Haley- I just read your post about Moonstruck. You REALLY hated that movie! It made me laugh.

Haley said...

Haha that's really random and yes I really didn't like that movie!

Pops said...

i kow i have scene this movee. Hope for a good friday quote.

Sue said...

This one is driving me nuts!

Amy said...

I'm sure Friday's will be a give-away for sure. It's hard to find one that's not. Oh, and I might have to either announce the winner Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. I'll be in Casper till midnight Sat. and have a really busy Sunday morning. Which would be best?

Dan W said...

I think you should announce MY win as early as possible! Hee hee...

Dan W said...

Definitely a give-away clue!

Emily said...

Yes. I even got it with that one.

Haley said...

Haha me too!