Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie Marathon time!

Okay peeps. Emily and I have decided on the first movie theme for our first marathon!! We are going with courtroom dramas. But really, it can be any movie dealing with a case, doesn't have to have most of the movie in an actual courthouse. Please send me and Emily movie suggestions! I think sending us both a Face Book message would work best. If you don't see any of your suggestions used, don't fret. It could be that we've decided that movie would fit better in a different category. Also, you do not have to send suggestions in order to participate. Participation is strictly voluntary and we won't give you crap if you don't want to do it. Well, maybe a little crap, but not too much.

We are hoping to have the final movie list posted on Wednesday, so start sending your suggestions!

Oh yeah, we should also come up with a name for this feature. Movie Marathon is just kind of boring. So send those suggestions as well.


Sue said...

Em and I have heard from Dad and Amy and that is it! We are deciding on the final movies tomorrow. So, if anyone else wants to suggest any courtroom/court case movies, send them soon!

Dan W said...

Some possible name ideas:
Film Frenzy
Movie Madness
Five for Fighting About
FFFFA (Five Flicks For Fighting About)

I like a couple of these but I'll keep thinking....

Pops said...

I like Flickapalooza and Flickstock.