Saturday, October 30, 2010


Alright everyone, here we go with another edition of WTB. I will tell you this movie is more than 25 years old. But I think it is classic or iconic enough to be fair to most of you. Hopefully even Haley has seen it. I think one of its stars is someone that I think I've heard a lot of you Wright-folk like.

Here goes the first clue. It's a line said by a woman....

"I went to take out the garbage today and two people blessed me! And one of them blessed the garbage!"

Wednesday clues (from which I expect to get solid guesses):

Person 1: Hey... that's incredible! You didn't even bat an eye!
Person 2:: Rain's not too hard.

Separate scene (same two characters)

Person 1: I don't even go to any church.
Person 2:: Neither do I.

Friday clues (hopefully giveaways!):

Same character as Person 2 in the quotes above: "The reason I put everyone here naked... I wasn't trying to be cute. It's just that with clothes there's right away pockets, and pockets, you gotta put something in 'em."

Different scene (same character):

"I'm not about to go around to every person in the world and say, 'Look it's me, I wanna talk to you.' So I picked one man. One very good man. I told him God lives. I live. He had trouble believing too, in the beginning. I understood. I'm not sure how this whole miracle business started, the idea that anything connected with me has to be a miracle. Personally I'm sorry that it did. Makes the distance between us even greater. But if a miracle helps you believe that I am who I say I am ... I'll give you one. A good one."

Good luck! Send me your guesses via Facebook.



Pops said...

Sorry there are no comments, Dan. I am just getting my act together after the trip to Oregon. The hints don't ring any bells with me yet, but I know better than to say "I don't think I have seen that movie" I'm always wrong when I say that. You playlist is pretty cool!!

Dan W said...

Pretty sure you've seen it! Remember, it's more than 25 years old, though. I also think there are enough clues so far to plug you into at least the basic subject being religious in nature and also about one of the characters.... I've had a couple of guesses that are at least in the right ballpark so far, and they seem to be catching onto the theme and character identity ...

Yay for not ripping the playlist! Kinda thinking I'd get some grief for the Meat Loaf song, at least. I love it's weird dialogue introduction and the lyric, "You took the words right out of my mouth; it must have been while you were kissing me." Also wondered what anyone would think of the Dire Straits song. It's one that I have to be in the right mood for. Also, again this time I've included songs that were clues to the movie theme (in this case a few religious ones).

Emily said...

Not a bad little playlist-- Yay for Talks to Angels! I have categorized Meatloaf into "Dan Music" and I do that affectionately.

Sue said...

I was going to say this is a great playlist. I love Dire Straits, I have Brothers in Arms on CD.

I think I got the movie!

Amy said...

I sure don't. I'll try to think a little harder. Weird week.

Dan W said...

Hopefully you all can get the movie now with these Friday clues!

Good luck!

Dan W said...

Yay! Getting some more guesses, and most of them wright. A couple of you need to see the note again, though,that this movie is more than 25 years old.

I'll reveal the winner tomorrow! Those of you who haven't got it yet, still work to get on the board!

Pops said...

I should be on the board now. Yea!