Sunday, October 17, 2010

What the Bip Results

By now, most of you know, that the movie featured this week is THE KARATE KID! Last weekend we watched the new Karate Kid starring Will Smith's adorable son, Jaden. It reminded me of this old 80's classic and I didn't think it had been done. I almost changed my mind after finding that most of the quotes from this movie were give-aways. But I managed to find a couple that were not too easy. All of Miyagi's lines were spoken in broken English and so recognizable; "wax on, wax off" and so on. The Karate Kid was made in 1984 and starred Ralph Macchio as Daniel, Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi and Elisabeth Shue as Daniel's girlfriend, Ali. It's a great story of a picked on new kid who meets a man from Japan who teaches him the skills of Karate to defend himself. He teaches him in a very round-about way, also getting a lot of his household chores at the same time. Daniel learns, through all this work, that he is ready to compete against his enemies in a tournament. The new Karate Kid is pretty good, but I think the original is still the best, although outdated a bit.

Dan is our winner this week! Congratulations. He needed the Wednesday clue to get it. Haley had made one correct guess with "Seems Like Old Times", which I can understand. The car comment sounds like it could be made by Chevy Chase and it's one of my favorite movies. But, it's been done already. After the Friday give-away, the correct guesses came flying in, in this order: Sue, Haley, Dad, Emily, Bronwyn and Matt. Good job guys, lots of correct guesses. Well, Dan, take it away!

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Dan W said...

Yay for me! Knew I had it decently early after Amy posted on Wed, but you never know. I've lost by minutes before! I'd remembered the line about him not getting his blood on their clothes but couldn't place the movie for a minute, but then when I re-read the line about careful what you wish for in the shower, it all hit me (it was Daniel and Ali slow dancing in the shower he wore as a Halloween costume). Anyway, fun to know one and get another win.... Needed one!

I'll post tomorrow and try to come up with a good play list, too. I've been gone all afternoon and up til just a few minutes ago taping another one of those Mormon Stories podcast interviews. Really enjoying my new gig as a contributor to that. Besides the Richard Dutcher one, a two-parter on the Mark Hofmann forgeries and murders (25th anniversary retrospective) just went up on the website Friday.