Saturday, October 30, 2010

WTB Movie of the Weak, results

Aaahhh! CE3K I'm not a big sci-fi type a guy, but this movie impressed me and I loved it. The acting, music and directing are all good. The special effects were phenomenal when the film was released in 1977 and still good enough to enjoy the move now and not look too chezzy. Spielberg wrote and filmed a good story. Richard Dreyfuss had a really good part. Who can forget him throwing shrubbery through the window into his living room and trying to recreate Devils Tower when he didn't know what he was doing. And making Devils Tower out of mashed potatoes. Good stuff. If you missed it (Haley) I suggest you obtain a copy and give it a look. It will be a fun 2 and 1/4 hours.

The small hint I referred to was Movie "Buffs" You know, Buffalo, the state animal of the great state of Wyoming, site of Devils Tower.

Dan is the "man" Amazing, he got it from the first quotes.. He was thinking of Teri Garr because of
Tootsie and then it clicked because he thought of her name in CE3K was Ronnie and Dreyfuss was Roy. So he put it, no pregnant brain there. Then Amy on friday and Matt on friday. That was all the guesses except that Haley took a shot but missed.

Take it away, Dan. Double props to you for getting it so quick.


Pops said...

Who Let the Dogs Out? Dan, I expect to have some good music on your playlist. This is about the only music I have at the Firehouse while I wait for the airplanes to come it. Make it something I can listen to!! hahaha. You could tell by mine this week that I like random.

Sue said...

Dang it. I didn't look at the Friday hint quote. I think I would have gotten it with the play the five tones. I even watched this movie last year! While Cam was working in St. George and I was alone, I really got into watching movies on AMC. This was one that I watched. It is a really good movie. I hadn't seen it since I was pretty young, and I really enjoyed it. You should see it Haley.

Haley said...

I actually have seen it! A few years ago. Only once and none of the quotes sounded familiar. I do remember the mashed potatoes part though! Guess I need to see it again. Sheesh. Pregnancy brain is SO bad this time around. I probably won't be winning for a while.

Dan W said...

I totally can't explain how I got it, really, other than Roy and Ronnie simply popped into my brain as the characters' names on Tuesday when I looked at the clue. As George says from when I was telling him what happened, it has to be from my thinking about Teri Garr that last week and somehow remembering parts of the movie and the Dreyfuss character being named Roy. Anyway, one of the weird brain things that make life fun.

I'll get the new contest posted later today and will try to come up with some diverse but classic music for George's airport sanity sake.